Family & Hope (Thursday, July 13th)


We got to visit the eldery in Casa Hogar para Ancianos (Home for the Eldery). At first this visit did not seem to be very emotional to me. However, I met Daniel, a resident of Casa Hogar, who reminded me so much of my late maternal grandfather. He was wearing a beany like my grandfather would and I became emotional remembering my grandfather and his antics. I tried my best to maintain my composure, however, that did not happen as I was saying my goodbyes. His unability to communicate well and in a wheelchair reminded me how much we underappreicate our youth, health, and at times our own elders in our families. I remembered my grandmother (currently unable to move freely as she would like) back home and how often I take her for granted. Today God reminded me how short life is and how we should be grateful for the family we still have today. I became hopeful to spend more time with my grandmother and to share my mission experience with her. This year’s theme (Family: Faith, Hope, Love) became more vivid during the visit while visiting with the elderly.

Hasta Luego,

Team Family in Faith, Hope & Love


Joy and Hope (Wednesday, July 12th)


Day 3, Today we went to a brand new community called Chicalte. Once again, we were greeted by beautiful children. Since this was a new school, all of the children did not know what to expect, neither did the teachers. The pictures really show their emotion and how much they loved today.

Most of us were tired and worn out from working hard these past couple of days. But we still managed to pull through and create a wonderful experience for the community. Singing and Dancing was amazing. The teachers, principal and children also enjoyed today, they were grateful for our visit and are looking forward to our return next year.

Theresa wanted to share her wonderful experience: “Simply put, the past few days have been full of God’s abundant joy and goodness for [me].” She’s been so in love with the country, the culture, the people, and the mission team. She’s been learning a lot of Spanish, and it is rewarding being able to verbally communicate with the God’s people in Guatemala. Strangely enough, the highlight of today for Theresa was when Sebastian, an 8-year-old boy in her crafts group, asked to learn a bit of English. While making a cute craft that resembled “el sapo,” or “frog” in English, Sebastian stopped and asked her what “el sapo” was in English. Flashing an adorable crooked smile, his eyes lit up as he practiced rolling the word “frog” off his tongue. Sebastian’s joy of learning a new word and drive to further his education inspired her in more ways than one. Ministering and serving others doesn’t always have to encompass grand gestures; it can be an intangible gift of knowledge. We are learning to put everything we have and everything we are into our mission, and in doing so, we are being humbled. “And whatever you do, in word or in deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:17

P.S. We sincerely apologize, we have had technical difficulties due to the high volume of hotel guests and we have been unable to finish our daily posts. A summary of Thursday and Friday are forthcoming.

Love & Joy


El lema de este ano es Familia en Fe, Esperanza y Amor. Hemos compartido este lema cantando cantos, compartiendo nuestra fe con obras bíblicas y durante la misa, jugando con los niños – a veces simplemente compartiendo un abrazo o una sonrisa, visitando a enfermos. Hoy visitamos a Xesic IV e inmediatamente nos dimos cuenta que es una pequeña, pero grande en amor. Es una aldea muy especial. Al llegar fuimos recibidos calurosamente con sonrisas y abrazos por parte de los niños y maestros. En el momento que llegamos con ellos, sentimos el amor que nos ofrecían – el mismo amor que Jesucristo nos invita a compartir con los demás. El mismo amor que familiares/parientes comparten cuando tienen much tiempo sin verse.

Today, Sarah felt God’s love, joy, and acceptance. The past few days, she felt like she was missing something. However, today, she found it in the kids’ presence. After the home visit, she was able to spend quality time with several of the kids from Xesic IV. All the kids had such genuine smiles, appreciated her spending time with them as she played soccer with them, taught them sign language and English, and danced and sang with them. They might have felt like they were receiving; however, she was being given so much more than she could ever imagine. Sarah was very humbled because the kids allowed her to share their free time with her. They chose and accepted her without reservations or expectations. There are no words that could do justice to the love and joy the kids shared with Sarah and that Sarah shared with them.

Hasta Luego,

Team Family

Love and Humility


Hello all! Today we got to go the first of three aldeas that are scheduled for the week. A day full of love and humble experiences.

Ana Fatima is a returning missionary, and she was extremely blessed to return to the aldea, San Jose Pacho, today. She enjoyed every minute of the day from the start to end and seeing the welcoming smiles and hearts of the children. Ana Fatima enjoyed singing to them and seeing how everyone experienced joy from her playing her guitar, singing and praising God together. The beautiful experience of sharing her talents with others. She worked with a group of 40 pre-k children and it reminded her of her little brother. Getting to share time with them and seeing their innocence and to “take care” of them for a bit.

The humble community provided lunch and Ana Fatima enjoyed the meal because it was made with humility and love. They did not think twice about providing lunch and sharing what they could with us. These people really are really willing to give you everything they have without any doubt.

Ana Fatima was able to converse with Diego, a young adult seminarian, who she met last year. She was able to learn about his current struggles. He told her he had to take a year off of seminary school because of health problems. However, hearing his conviction on becoming a priest was beautiful to see God’s plan for one and inspired her to grow more in her faith and pray more about her vocation.

Celebrating Mass with the community and Father Hector was a wonderful experience and Ana Fatima loved seeing everyone participate and receive communion as the family of God that we are. After Mass, the community had a surprise for us, a beautiful presentation and she enjoyed it.

We also did home visits. The home that Ana Fatima visited was super special to her. She was able to pray over an elderly woman, Maria. She felt like a true disciple of God. Doing what He asking us to do for His people, to show His love to others, especially to those who need it most. Ana Fatima saw this as a gift from God, just being to able to experience His mercy and love.

Overall, Ana Fatima felt an overwhelming sense of love from God throughout the whole  day and from the missionaries. She is extremely grateful to be back for the second time and she is looking forward as the rest of us to what God has in store for us this week. Letting God work through her even when she is missing her family and knowing God is protecting them and waiting for the day to return home to share her love that she has received thus far.

Hasta luego,

Team Love

P.S. We apologize for the delayed post, we were having technical difficulties.

Sagrado Corazon de Jesus


Today we visited the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Santa Cruz del Quiche. Upon our arrival we were greeted by the new priest, Father Hector, the kind people of Quiche & fireworks. Mass was beautiful! It was an amazing experience getting to worship God all in one place with completely different people, it really makes you think about the wonders of our God, like how God placed all of us under that one roof to share our love for him. And that we truly are the universal Church. During Mass Ana Laura &  Carol greeted the new Father with gifts from POP back in Houston. Everybody was extremely kind and loving. After Mass, we went into the community center to be welcomed again by the CCE students with traditional dances they prepared for us. They also came up one-by-one to give us a beautiful cross body bag. The dances, gifts & the flower pedals were just so amazing.

Throughout the day of our young adult retreat we sang, danced, and we had fun. Ages varied from 9-10 year olds to even some elderly. But, no matter the age, everybody enjoyed it and had a wonderful time. We were separated into small groups, this gave us an opportunity to really communicate with them on a one-by-one basis. Their smiles just made our day, they were so genuine, innocent, and full of Faith. We all left today in peace and joy. Getting to serve the Lord with those young adults was priceless.

Our mission team each had different wonderful experiences on day 1, how exciting is that!

Ivonne said, “Today was just extremely touching, I walked into the church terrified, I’ve never really been fond of kids, so when I saw a lot of them I was like oh no how am I going to do this? But as they danced and showered us with flower pedals, I saw it in their eyes, their beautiful, kind & enlightening souls. Seeing them so happy made me almost cry. I enjoyed today a lot, I was unexplainably at peace and happy. I left the church loving those kids. I can say day 1 has already had a huge impact on my point of view and can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds for us, it’s all God’s plan.”

Gabby, “I definitely felt God present when I received a hug from the humble girl offering a gift. The dances the kids put on for us were so unique and beautiful.”

Kevin, “This was definitely one of the greatest experiences I’ve encountered, much different from other retreats I’ve been on. These people were so rich in their faith. And it was amazing to witness how close they are to God, despite their living circumstances.”

Hasta Luego!

Team Family


Faith Arrives


Hi everyone! We arrived safely! We left the airport around 12:30PM, and we were on the road until 7:30PM. We hit traffic three times along the route. We were literally at a stand still on the curvas peligrosas (dangerous curves), maybe 30 minutes outside of Quiche (we actually passed Lemoa Central – an aldea past mission teams visited a few years ago). THREE 18 wheelers appeared to be broken leading up to a very narrow bridge and at a curve. You must understand the roads as they are are very narrow and this caused HUGE traffic problems for us. People around us were becoming impatient and chose to get out of the public transportation vehicles and were walking up and down the sometimes steep inclines. There was nothing around us but cliffs and trees, so we’re not even sure where these people were going. Some of us also noticed that drivers appeared to be unconcerned with the traffic jams, and were somewhat reckless in there attempts to get to their destinations! And the motorcyclists just kept zipping in, out and around the larger vehicles. Needless to say, some of us were getting a little frustrated with their ability to move and our inability to move an inch.

Many of us are first-timers and we did not know what to expect or how to react to the “setbacks.” The veteran missionaries were reminded of our dear Deacon Chuck’s words, “expect the unexpected.” And the delays on the road were really unexpected. But in reality the traffic jams were a gift from God because we were able to bond, chat, laugh, and pray. We are enjoying our time thus far, have patiently accepted todays trials and are ready for God’s will to be done this week. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and thank you to our Saturday Adorers.



Hasta Luego,

Team Faith

Home Sweet Home


I can’t believe I’m actually typing this…but we’re back in the U.S. and home safely, thanks be to God! We got in about 6pm and after about an hour in customs, we all said our tearful goodbyes and headed our separate ways. Even though some of us have only known each other a week, the intensity of this shared experience has created incredibly close bonds. We will never forget each other.

During our reflection last night, one of the missionaries shared that although our time in Guatemala is coming to a close, our ‘mission’ is just beginning. We have all come home different people and we look forward to living what we experienced.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us! We couldn’t have gotten through this week without your prayers.

Thank you also to John Sacco for the generous donations of Magnificats! We used them every morning and evening for group prayer. And for those not fluent in Spanish, they served as an aid for mass. They were such a blessing!

Finally, thank you also to Guatemala and the beautiful people who call it home. We can never thank you enough for sharing your lives with us this week. You will remain in our hearts always.

Ojalá que nos vemos el proximio año!

With Love,

Team Mercy