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Our last day in Guatemala


So I know I promised pictures and a blog post for yesterday, but the internet here in this hotel [as nice as it is] is ghetto and won’t let you send ANYTHING. Ugh. You readers are most likely reading this once we get back as long as the post that we couldn’t post last night.

Today we visited Hermano Pedro and inside we couldn’t take pictures…but the feelings one feels being surrounded by those of all ages in severe medical needs is what everyone said was ‘humbling’ and it really was. I don’t really know how to describe the feelings we all felt, it was all very beautiful yet with a twinge of sadness and most definitely the realization that we are all very blessed to have all that we do and how we take it for granted.

The rest of the day was spent getting massages, which some of the lucky missionaries did, while the rest of us sight saw and bargined like crazy. We all brought home something for our loved ones and I personally can not wait to give my parents their gifts.

Tomorrow we head back to Houston, we’re all going to miss this country, its people, and  the joys and wonders it shared with us . We all hope to maybe someday come back because we were all touched by, well…we truely were touched by the Holy Spirit which worked with us the whole Mission. Thank you all for your prayers, and thank you God for giving us all this opportunity.

Nuestro ultimo

Day 6: The Luis Edition


To my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I thank you all again for your continuous prayers which have tremendously helped us on our mission. You have read the blog postings of a few of us and they have benn silly or fun. My dear friend Timothy asked me to write today while he takes a hot bath and unwinds from another busy day. A lot of us this year have been bit by what we believe to be bed bugs. I will now attempt to recollect while I listen to Psalm 23 and the litany of the saints throughout this blog post.

As the days have gone by we have bonded together more and more. So today we visited the elderly and this particular day has been on my mind for a while since we arrived. The hogar, where the elderly reside, has new residents living there this year and they are working on new additions. Some of our favorite senior citizens have passed on to the next life and Im sure they are being held in the arms of our Heavenly Father. Today’s visit was one that I will never forget. One of the women sang to us and they absolutely loved us and asked us to come back soon. Another thing that really, truly touched me was when we entered the chapel in the Hogar and we were told that the walls had the ashes of those who were murdered and died during the 1996 Civil War. Entering this place I could hear the prayers of these people.   We have shared our difficulties and have picked each other up throughout. Today we checked out of Hotel el Sitio and traveled to our next destination which is Hermano Pedro in Antigua. Last year when I came to this place I did not get to go in because I was sick so I will make sure and be open hearted to what the Holy Spirit has in store for me in this place. May the peace of the risen Christ be with you all as we all answer our baptismal call to holiness and answer our vocational call to live out our mission at home.

Peace and Blessings,

Luis M. Garcia

P.S. Houston we had a problem! We couldn’t upload the blog this pass two days but the internet was not working at the hotel.


Gracias a Dios mucho de nosotros tenemos una casa que llamamos hogar donde nos sentimos bien. El dia de hoy nos toco ir a Casa Hogar, en este lugar viven ancianos que han sido abandonados. Al compartir unas horas de nuestro tiempo me puse a pensar, Dios te doy gracias por el hogar que yo tengo y que me has brindado por tantos años.

Para compartirles un poco de lo que hacemos en el acilo, llegamos ahí como a las 9:00 am para esto ellos ya están listos para que los llevemos a el centro de reuniones. En este lugar bailamos con ellos también cantamos y rezamos con ellos.  Después nos dieron un paseo por las facilidades del acilo. Al ponerme a reflejar un poco después de visitar a nuestros abuelitos adoptivos, me he dado cuenta que al estar con ellos la palabra hogar tiene otro significado: FAMILIA. Oh como dicen por ahí un casa no es hogar sin la familia.  

Al terminar la visita nos regresamos al hotel para empacar las cosas para venir a Antigua, Guatemala. Los volcanes que rodea esta ciudad la hacen ser una ciudad única e interesante. Mañana tendremos la visita a Hermano Pedro este es el hospital de aquí. Espero contarles más mañana de esta linda ciudad.

Houston tuvimos un problema, el internet no estaba trabajando en el hotel entonces asta el dia de hoy pudimos publicarlo.

Laura Avila

Day 05 7/15/10


Hello, once again to everyone at home and especially to my family!  I can’t believe that this wonderful trip is already halfway over!  I have experienced many new and wonderful gifts here.  I absolutely love playing with the kids and teaching them how to make prayer beads!   Yesterday, I was also able to be a tree in one of the skits and was reminded of how the simple things in life can bring the most joy (and wonderful nicknames, like the Hola Machine! 🙂 ) !  I have enjoyed meeting new and wonderful children everyday and being able to play my  favorite sport, basketball, with all of them!  I will definately never forget this experience and feel very blessed to have been able to be here with all of these absolutely beautiful people!

Love ya like a Mayan loves corn!

Rebecca Hecker

p.s.- i still haven’t gotten lost!!  🙂  

Hola mi familia!  🙂  We just finished our last day of the youth rally today.  I can’t wait to tell you all everything about how each day went!!  Thank you so much for the prayers – my testimony went really well.  Today we got to do something very special after my testimony.  Anna Laura and I took the older girls aside to another classroom and we got to share more in depth with them than was shared to the whole group of kids.  I brought my poster of St. Therese to the breakout session and one of the teachers taped it to the dry erase board.  It was so touching for me to look up at her smiling face, for it felt like St. Therese was very present as Anna Laura and I shared her message of God’s merciful love and the Little Way. 

Tomorrow we’re going to visit the elderly at the Hogar nursing home.  We’re even bringing our tree costumes to perform our tree skit for them!  Fr. Alfonso will probably dress up as one of the trees.  🙂  After we visit the elderly, we’ll be travelling to Antigua.  Please continue to pray for all of us.  Everyone’s prayers are granting us so many blessings each day!  I miss you all very much and wish that you were here!  See you soon!  🙂

With love and prayers,

Lauren Therese

P.S. Mamo and Papo, it meant so much to me to see your names on the Adoration sign up sheet for Tuesday morning!  I was very touched by that gift.  Memere and Pepere, thank you so much for thinking of me and for your prayers!  I was so excited to see your message today!  I love you all!!!

Everyday has been special and a wonderful blessing for all of us on the travel team. We look through the list of adorers that are praying for us daily and know that you have been in our prayers too. Thank you for the prayers as many miracles are happening here because of your prayers. Seeds are being planted that will grow over a life time for us as well as for our brothers and sisters on Guatemala.

A big thank you to all the parents that allowed their teenagers to travel with us. They are a true gift and blessing to all of us…and the future of the Church looks great!

Peace and God’s blessings,

Kerry and Ann Bourque

Hello, it’s Teresa again here to fill you in on what’s going on in Guatemala. We’re all safe and sound (: Today was our last day in the aldeas [villages] and it was sad for the whole to have to accept the fact that we are leaving the beautiful rural area and it’s people behind, even though we left them physically the people and the sights that we saw these last three days will remain imprinted in our hearts and our memories.  

Tomorrow we are visiting the Hogar, a nursing home here in Santa Cruz de Quiche. The newbies don’t know what to expect and we are a bit anxious to find out. What we are for sure excited to see are the reactions of the elderly to our human trees, Ly Nguyen and Dc. Al’s Elvis impression, and Father Alfonso’s funky dancing. Sorry about not uploading pictures for the last post, we were all so tired and we just forgot; don’t worry though, tomorrow I promise that many silly pictures shall be taken(: Thank you for praying for us! And thank you for following this blog.

Personal Note

Huy: Only two more days(: I miss you so so so so so much Huyner, I can’t wait to see you again. I admit it’s tough not being able to talk to you every night and see Vi and your Mom, but I’m doing okay :] I hope you’re not missing me too much. I’m all safe and stuff, I haven’t been kidnapped or anything so no worries kay? I hope you’re writing your letters, I look forward to reading them. I LAVA YOU A LATTE -mwah-  ❤

Chan-hee: CALL ADONIS POR FAVOR. Make sure that you all are clear about how you guys are going to pay and make sure everyone’s schedule works out for him, yeah? I hope nothing big happened while I was gone… Dude, ever since being here I’ve heard some pretty great music and I can’t wait to come home and share it with you :] only two more weeks!

Ann: I never thought I would miss talking to you, but I do. I miss it when you talk about food and stuff, speaking of which I have had great food here in Guatemala which beats the Chinese food you eat any day, although I do miss rice…there’s a fried chicken place right next door to the hotel and every time we pass by it I think of you :[ Oh wow, I made it sound like you were fat. If anyone that does not know my friend Ann she blows away in the wind, foreal. Two more weeks man, be strong.


Chicabracan II

Finalmente llegamos a la comunidad de Chicabracan II donde fuimos muy bien recibidos por los niños y maestros de la escuela. Fuimos inmediatamente reconocidos por los niños mucho de ellos preguntaban por Adam Rincón alias nono y Adam si estás leyendo el Blog los niños te mandan muchos saludos.

Para empezar el mini retiro que teníamos preparado el padre Alfonso hizo la abertura del retiro. Después todos participamos en el mini retiro, como nuestro mensaje ha sido “Esperanza” decidimos usar las escrituras de La Anunciación a la virgen María y cuando Dios le llama a Jeremías a ser profeta. Estas dos escrituras pensamos que le puede traer Esperanza a nuestros hermanos de Guatemala. El día de hoy nos fue muy bien convivimos con los niños y nos dieron una deliciosa comida.

En la tarde tuvimos misa con la comunidad y por primera vez tuve la fortuna de leer un salmo ante la comunidad del Chicabracan II, esta comunidad es grande y para serles sincera fue una experiencia un poco nerviosa pero muy linda.  Creo que lo más inolvidable para mí es compartir la eucaristía con nuestros hermanos de Guatemala, hoy el canto de entrada fue “Juntos Como Hermanos”  el canto dice:

Juntos como hermanos

Miembros de una iglesia

Vamos caminando

 A el encuentro del señor

Y creo que este canto es perfecto para lo que vivimos cada día en la misa con cada comunidad.

 Nota para Lili Gonzales:

Rogelio te manda muchos saludos y te llevo una carta de él.

Adam: Los niños te extrañaron.

Creo que no me he introducido mi nombre es Ana Laura Avila y pertenezco al grupo de jóvenes SERVORUM DEI de Príncipe de Paz. A todos ellos les mando un cordial saludo desde Guatemala y muchísimas gracias por todas sus oraciones!

Familias estamos bien gracias a dios y nos vemos pronto.

Dios los bendiga

Laura Avila

 Un saludo del Padre Alfonso dando las gracias por todas aquellas personas que han hecho oración por nosotros y queremos compartir nuestra experiencia maravilloso que hemos podido vivir acá en Santa Cruz del Quiche.

Day 04 7/13/10


Howdy from the ‘Chinese’ guy . . .

Teresa (via Dc Al) has been harrassing me all day about doing this blog thing, but the well has been dry and nothing came to mind . . . until our ‘sharing session’ in the middle of the night.  That’s when the inspiration came flowing.

Anyhow, what hit me like a ton of brick was to first and foremost send a ‘shout out’ to thank all of our ‘fellow missionaries’.  Every hour and on the hour, Dc Al would read out the list of folks who have signed up to do round-the-clock adoration for us.  Some names I recognize, some names are former travel team members, and some are complete unkowns . . . but certainly, ALL names belonged to ‘fellow missionaries’.  When we were weary, you picked us up.  When the rain fell hard, you helped to clear the roads.  When we were confused about changes in schedules, you led the way.  Make no mistake about it . . . you are here with us.  Only difference is that you’ll just have to wait for pictures to see the smile on these kids’ faces :).

To take from scripture a couple of days ago . . . ‘whoever receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward.’  Well, if there’s any hand outs for missionaries, you’d be at the front of that line.

This also goes for my wife and kids who have had to bear the brunt of dealing with daily life and stress while ‘daddy’s gone’.  But just remember, daddy loves you very much!  You’ve made it possible for daddy to be here.  Hang in there for a few more days . . . we can go get ice cream then! 

Ly.  p.s. here’s a little shout out to friends, family, nieces and nephews . . . especially those who went on this trip last year.  Your presence and personality is greatly missed.

Do you want to be a misson of Christ? Come to Guatemala. We as a team have been transformed by the Holy Spirit. We have witnessed the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. The childeren just  shine with Christ’s love. We came to transform and we are the ones transformed by a joyful, loving people. Their lives are not easy, but their hearts and eyes give pure joy. Our team has been a blessing to each other. Giving of themselves has been a joy to watch. I wish my family could witness what I have given this trip. I think this trip has been such a blessing for all of us in your prayers.  We would always read who was praying for us for that day. Without your prayers I couldn’t imagine a successful mission. I love you all and will continue to thank God for you all.

With love,



We Are Feeling the Prayers…

This is my 4th mission trip to Guatemala. I am so happy that I am here…it feels like my 2nd home. I would like to thank all of the people praying for us-friends at Prince of Peace, Resurrection St. Maximilian Kolbe, Our Lady of Lourdes. Our Lady of Lavang and Holy Vietnamese Matyrs Catholic Church. Your prayers helped us get through check-in and customs as smoothly as we have ever experienced!! The Lord was and is still always listening folks!

The people in the new aldeas  (villages) are very warm, loving and full of excitement. They have freely welcomed us with flowers, food, posters, music, and most of all, God’s perfect love. After Mass today, we all witnessed a woman who was so touched by our presence, she was moved to tears. The pastor of Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, Fr.Ventura, has been with us both not his home parish and, the small aldea (village) churches each day. One can see the obvious joy in his face as he witnesses our team’s presentations on “Hope”. If you didn’t already know this, Guatemala lost close to 200 people a month ago from a volcano eruption and tropical storm Agatha. From the skits to the personal witnesses to the music to the arts and crafts: children, thier parents, their pastor, the communtiy are truely delighted. We’re having a lot of fun, too!

You all have on mission with us through your prayers…the prayers are protecting us, inspiring us and providing a unity that might not without.  MANY THANKS! ❤

In His Love,

Susan (Sue) Gallagher

p.s. To my family-I love and miss you ALL! See you Saturday 🙂

This is Grace here! Just wanting to let all you guys back home know that I’m doing more than fine. I’m doing great! Can’t wait to share with all of you what I’ve experienced. Hope you guys are as jubilant as I am right now. Dad, when I get back from the mission, I want to hear all about your trip in Canada. Mark, dude, you better tell me how Philmont went. I want to here EVERYTHING. Boo Boo, don’t be a stinker. Suck it up and be a man of the house while Mark and Dad are away, that means taking care of Mom and making her happy until everyone of us comes back. Mom, I know your lonely and feeling depressed that all of us left you minus Boo Boo, but don’t worry Momma because before you know it, we’ll all be together once again. Love you guys, and I miss every single one of you. Just wanting to let you know that I pray for all of us every single night. Can’t wait to be home again after all the fun I”m having.

With lots of love ♥ and prayers,


p.s. Since I’ve been praying for you guys, I’d appreciate it if you do the same for me. lol btw dad, this is just merely an observation but I think you’re going over board with the whole texting thing. You have like texting fever. I admit, texting is pretty fun but chillax kay? Love, Grace again 😀

Hola como estan saludos dasde Guatemala:

Quisiera contarlas todo lo que: E vivido. Estas dias con todos qua mis companeros hermanos de la micion. Son cosas muy tristes pero tambien muy bonitas. Es una espericincia, muy grande que. No encountro parlabras, lo que si. Se esque Dios esta en todas partos. Del mundo y la vonda, y el amor que tiene Asia nosotros es muy grande. En estos dias me he sentido muy feliz y contento, lleno de paz y tranguilida.

La Paz que se siente por dentro del cuerpo al hoir Misas todos los dias por las mananas y la suerte, de Racibir. La Sangre y el Cuerpo de Dios, nuastro Sr. Es toda una Vendicion Dal Cielo.

-Rudy Zuniga

Hola! It’s Teresa, I have to go to bed so we won’t have any pictures uploaded to this post until tomorrow, sorry about that. Thank you for following us and reading our blog and also praying for us(: Your prayers have all helped us through this journey we are all taking here in Guatemala.

Day 3, July 12, 2010


Here are a collection of personel messages from our group memebers, which will be concluded with today’s summary

Well first of all, I would like to say hi to my family and inform them that I haven’t gotten lost yet! Secondly, Happy 19th Birthday Shelby! Today was fantastic and I experienced many new and incredible things! I was greeted this morning with a chocolate banana kiss from a beautiful little girl and throughout the day I did my best to de-rust my spanish skills.  Our day went a little differently than expected but was awesome anyway!  The children loved all of our activities and had a blast singing and dancing with us! We also made strings of sacrifice or rosary beads, colored numerous pictures, and painted like picasso!  I can’t wait to see what the Holy Spirit has in store for us for the rest of the week!


Rebecca Hecker

Hello Baby,

Oscar and I are doing fine and enjoying every minute of it. I sure miss all of you and wish y’all were here.  Love you and see you soon.


No worries Pops, im live!!! Today i visted a town filled with awesome little kids, for a villiage with few luxures those little boys sure know how to play soccer better than any other 10 year old kids ive ever seen. Say hello to the others for me, and that pepperoni pizza is sounding REALLY great right now 🙂


Primeramente quiero darle las gracias a todos las personas que estan en oracion por nosotros en casa y en el santisimo. Cada uno de las personas que estamos aqui estamos sintiendo el Espiritu Santo trabajar en nosotros. Hoy di my testimonio frente a unos 105 ninos de todas edades, igual como Lauren Hebert que dio su testimonio en espanol! Quiero comentar que estrano mucho a mis amigos  misineros del ano antepasado,porque con ellos convivi el empiezo de me discernimiento al sacerdocio. Hoy estuvimos en el auditorio y durante las presentaciones uno de los ninos callo al suelo y le empezo a dar un ataque, mi corazon se partio al ver esto y no sabia que hacer. Manana sera otro dia y esperamos que les podramos transmitir el mensaje de Dios a todo la comunidad del Quiche.

Att. Luis M. Garcia

Hi Mommy, Daddy, Danielle, Jonathan, David, and Matthew!!!  I hope that you are doing well and having as much fun as I am.  I absolutely cannot wait to share about the amazing things that I’m experiencing here in Guatemala!  You are in my thoughts and prayers often and I am so grateful for the many graces I’m receiving thanks to your prayers.  

Guess what?  I got to play the marimba yesterday!!!  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!  It reminded me of playing duets and trios on the piano with Danielle and Jonathan because I played in a marimba ensemble!  🙂 

Please keep praying for us!!!  Please especially pray for me to do well giving my testimony on St. Therese in Spanish.  🙂  I love you all so much!!!! 

Pax Christi!

Lauren Therese  🙂

Hola amigos!

La presencia de Dios se siento el día de hoy. Gracias por sus oraciones el día de hoy deje que mi amigo Luis les compartiere su experiencia. Hasta mañana y que dios los bendiga!

Day Summary

Today was a truly special day. Our day started with the perfect event, a 5:55 am mass. We truly felt the presence of our Heavenly Father beginning with this beautiful celebration. After we traveled through the rugged dirt roads to the village of Chicalte, we yet again had the blessing of celebrating the blessed Eucharist, which is where I was personally touched. Celebrating mass with the indigenous people and how loving and accepting they were toward us, was wonderful. After mass we commenced our plans for the youth rally. Before we knew it, the community center where we were at was filled with the beautiful smiling faces of the youth. Around 105 children attended our program in which we were able to deliver the message of hope through a skit about young Jeremiah and the Annunciation. Afterwards we were able to split up into different groups and spend quality time with the children, either by playing games, painting, coloring, or arts and crafts. Our day was truly fruitful, not only were we able to bring so much for the children, we were able to receive so much more. Thank you for staying with us and reading about our wonderous experiences, but thank you especially for your prayers.


2nd Day July 11th


Hi there, nice to meet you? This is a bit awkward…um, my name is Teresa Le and I will write the blogs every other day for your reading pleasure :]

So today was our first day out and about in Santa Cruz de Quiche. We woke up at 5:30 AM Houston time which is 4:30 AM Guatemala time. Yes, I woke up to Mrs. Eileen knocking relentlessly on our door at FOUR-THIRTY AM. Keep in mind; I’m a sixteen year old girl who definitely does NOT wake up at 4:30 in the morning on a regular basis and after being bone tired from traveling the other day? No. I buried my head into the pillow and moaned loudly refusing to get up. My roommate Lauren actually got up and realized that we weren’t supposed to wake up at 4:30 we were supposed to wake up at 5:30, an hour later. After notifying Eileen that she was still running on Houston time we had a laugh and quickly drifted back to sleep. Ana Laura was still knocked out at this time. An hour passes. Mrs. Eileen comes back to wake us up and after a couple grumbles I was up.

Breakfast was great. I discovered how awesome black beans were and when breakfast was over we all piled into the van and we were off to church.  In my head I was dreading church. Church just makes me drowsy since the priest sounds like he’s chanting a gentle lullaby, and by the readings I’m nodding off.  Father Thomas, who was serving mass today, started off a little different from what we were used too. Father started off with the Intentions.  Fifteen minutes of from what I think were lists of people’s names, I fell asleep. Even Father Alfonso admitted to almost falling asleep, I think everyone that did not attend the Sacred Heart of the Jesus drifted off just a little, I mean if Father Alfonso did…(: I stayed awake through the rest of the service…till we got to the readings. I closed my eyes for a second and I was out. I woke up for the Gospel and for the first time in my life I felt guilty for falling asleep during Mass. I looked to my direct left and the elderly lady sitting next to me was listening intently to the Gospel, even though I was still closing my eyes while standing. When we sat down to listen to Father Thomas’ homily I struggled to stay awake. But I did, and I then realized how much I take Mass for granted.  Mass is beautiful, and the people of Guatemala showed me this; it’s amazing.

After Mass we were greeted with hugs and handshakes, everywhere I turned I was being smiled at and hugged. The joy of being treated by strangers so kindly and so sweetly, even though I probably look alien to them, made me smile from ear to ear. We hung out in the church talking, and the cutest little boy runs up to us and gives us all hugs with the hugest smile and a shy, “Adios”. My heart melted. I wanted to take him home back to the States and make him my little brother, maybe make a trade with the moody teenage one I have now…

We went to the building next door where this party was being held for us. The performances were beautiful and we all had a lot of fun. Everyone danced, even Matthew who won Bashful at dinner last night [he danced with this pretty Guatemalan girl(:] Lauren danced with a local boy who asked for her email when we were about to leave, she wanted to give the poor guy her FATHER’S email,  but he went home with no email address in hand. Then in the car ride back to the hotel she explained that by rejecting him he will have a better chance of finding Jesus.

We split up into two teams and headed out to two separate villages where we would visit homes and give the people their blessings. I was a part of the COOL van along with Eileen, Linda, Dc. Al, Marco, Lauren, Rebecca, Oscar, and Timothy. We had amazing experiences while in the village, we all felt God’s presence and the Holy Spirit was with us, I felt Him…it was wonderful. I believe that miracles happened today in those villages.

Right now I’m sitting here in the lobby with Luis, Grace, and Ana Laura. Its 12:00 AM, we have to be up in five hours. Even though the lack of hours is a bit daunting, I can’t wait for tomorrow and I’ll be up with fewer grumbles tomorrow [this] morning. Timothy will be writing the blog tomorrow so till Tuesday readers :]

P.S. Don’t worry about us, we’re all safe and sound and having a great time. I send my love and the love of the others on the team to all who are keeping up with this blog. For those with family or friends on the Mission, we all miss our loved ones so very much. Again we’re all okay, just keep us on your mind but please don’t worry about us. Much love ❤

Segundo día en Santa Cruz del Quiche

El día de hoy empezó con la santa misa en la iglesia del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús en Quiche y hemos recibido la cruz que la comunidad nos dio como enviados a la misión. Después de misa la comunidad nos dio la bienvenida en el centro comunitario de la iglesia, ahí nos recibieron con música tradicional de Guatemala y nos invitaron a bailar al ritmo de marimbas. Después los niños del catecismo nos bailaron y cantaron. Para terminar nos dieron una linda comida (que estaba deliciosa).

Más tarde fuimos a la comunidad de Pacho Chicalte a visitar a varias familias para orar con ellos, y recibieron la unción de los enfermos que se le impartió a este pequeño grupo, compartiendo un poco de nuestro tiempo en sus hogares. Fue una experiencia única porque caminamos bajo la lluvia y en medio de los sembradíos de maíz, con unos paisajes hermosos que solo Dios pudo haber creado. Al caminar y ver al grupo de misioneros caminado en medio de los montes me recordé de el pasaje de la biblia que habla de los apóstoles que fueron a evangelizar por todos los pueblos de la tierra algo que quedara grabado en nuestras vidas para siempre.

Nos hemos sentido bienvenidos por nuestros hermanos Guatemaltecos y especialmente por los niños y los jóvenes de este lugar. 

A nuestras familias y amigos no la estamos pasando súper chévere (como diría el Padre Alfonso) =)

Day 1, July 7,2010


From 5:50 AM anxiously waiting at Bush airport in Houston Texas, to appreciating the beauty and serenity of Quiche all the way till midnight, our day could not have been more perfect. Our missionary team is so very grateful and appreciative for our safe and smooth arrival, ranging from the flawless flight to Guatemala, to the miraculously speedy and exhilarating journey zigzagging across the gorgeous mountains of Guatemala on wet and slippery roads, but of course all of this was achieved thanks to the many that have devoted their valuable time and effort to pray for us. These words cannot even contain the level of gratitude that we have for you all. We are humbled and comforted by your devote prayers that we hold so dearly to our hearts. Our day was filled with surprising fluidity. We were able to smoothly pack and unpack our action packers, which hold so many of our supplies, our plane ride was without delay, we faced no adversity at Guatemala City, besides getting through Customs, and our 4 hour bus ride to our destination was breathtaking as it carried us up and around mountains that could only remind us of what a beautiful world that our Heavenly Father has blessed us with. We concluded our adventurous but energy consuming day with a delicious dinner at Cafe Martita’s and a heart warming group sharing. Thank you for everything and I can’t  wait to share tomorrow’s experience with you.

P.S. Mom don’t worry about me!  That also goes to all the others that are overly anxious 🙂

Nuestro primer dia en Guatemala

Primero queremos dar gracias a Dios por habernos traído a este lindo país y por todas las personas que han estado en oración desde esta manana en nuestra Parroquia hermana Resurrección. Gracias a Dios  y a ustedes nuestro día fue maravilloso.

Alrededor de las 12 llegamos a la ciudad de Guatemala, fue un aterrizaje un poco turbulento pero llegamos. Después tomamos  el autobús que nos llevaría a Quiche , el viaje fue largo pero gracias a la actitud del grupo el viaje se hizo corto, compartimos comida, risas, un paisaje maravilloso, y por supuesto oración.

Algo que nos llamo mucho la atención es la belleza de este país, como dice la canción de Ángeles  “no sé si el cielo bajo o la iglesia subió” cuando subíamos y bajábamos las montañas pudimos entender la letra de esta canción, porque sentíamos que nosotros éramos la iglesia que subía a el cielo y miramos la grandeza de Dios en la naturaleza.   

Queremos decirles a todas nuestras familias y amigos que llegamos a nuestro destino con bien, sigan haciendo oración por nosotros y por nuestros hermanos del Quiche. Que Diosito los bendiga y estaremos en contacto desde estas lindas tierras.