2nd Day July 11th


Hi there, nice to meet you? This is a bit awkward…um, my name is Teresa Le and I will write the blogs every other day for your reading pleasure :]

So today was our first day out and about in Santa Cruz de Quiche. We woke up at 5:30 AM Houston time which is 4:30 AM Guatemala time. Yes, I woke up to Mrs. Eileen knocking relentlessly on our door at FOUR-THIRTY AM. Keep in mind; I’m a sixteen year old girl who definitely does NOT wake up at 4:30 in the morning on a regular basis and after being bone tired from traveling the other day? No. I buried my head into the pillow and moaned loudly refusing to get up. My roommate Lauren actually got up and realized that we weren’t supposed to wake up at 4:30 we were supposed to wake up at 5:30, an hour later. After notifying Eileen that she was still running on Houston time we had a laugh and quickly drifted back to sleep. Ana Laura was still knocked out at this time. An hour passes. Mrs. Eileen comes back to wake us up and after a couple grumbles I was up.

Breakfast was great. I discovered how awesome black beans were and when breakfast was over we all piled into the van and we were off to church.  In my head I was dreading church. Church just makes me drowsy since the priest sounds like he’s chanting a gentle lullaby, and by the readings I’m nodding off.  Father Thomas, who was serving mass today, started off a little different from what we were used too. Father started off with the Intentions.  Fifteen minutes of from what I think were lists of people’s names, I fell asleep. Even Father Alfonso admitted to almost falling asleep, I think everyone that did not attend the Sacred Heart of the Jesus drifted off just a little, I mean if Father Alfonso did…(: I stayed awake through the rest of the service…till we got to the readings. I closed my eyes for a second and I was out. I woke up for the Gospel and for the first time in my life I felt guilty for falling asleep during Mass. I looked to my direct left and the elderly lady sitting next to me was listening intently to the Gospel, even though I was still closing my eyes while standing. When we sat down to listen to Father Thomas’ homily I struggled to stay awake. But I did, and I then realized how much I take Mass for granted.  Mass is beautiful, and the people of Guatemala showed me this; it’s amazing.

After Mass we were greeted with hugs and handshakes, everywhere I turned I was being smiled at and hugged. The joy of being treated by strangers so kindly and so sweetly, even though I probably look alien to them, made me smile from ear to ear. We hung out in the church talking, and the cutest little boy runs up to us and gives us all hugs with the hugest smile and a shy, “Adios”. My heart melted. I wanted to take him home back to the States and make him my little brother, maybe make a trade with the moody teenage one I have now…

We went to the building next door where this party was being held for us. The performances were beautiful and we all had a lot of fun. Everyone danced, even Matthew who won Bashful at dinner last night [he danced with this pretty Guatemalan girl(:] Lauren danced with a local boy who asked for her email when we were about to leave, she wanted to give the poor guy her FATHER’S email,  but he went home with no email address in hand. Then in the car ride back to the hotel she explained that by rejecting him he will have a better chance of finding Jesus.  Jesus@gmail.com?

We split up into two teams and headed out to two separate villages where we would visit homes and give the people their blessings. I was a part of the COOL van along with Eileen, Linda, Dc. Al, Marco, Lauren, Rebecca, Oscar, and Timothy. We had amazing experiences while in the village, we all felt God’s presence and the Holy Spirit was with us, I felt Him…it was wonderful. I believe that miracles happened today in those villages.

Right now I’m sitting here in the lobby with Luis, Grace, and Ana Laura. Its 12:00 AM, we have to be up in five hours. Even though the lack of hours is a bit daunting, I can’t wait for tomorrow and I’ll be up with fewer grumbles tomorrow [this] morning. Timothy will be writing the blog tomorrow so till Tuesday readers :]

P.S. Don’t worry about us, we’re all safe and sound and having a great time. I send my love and the love of the others on the team to all who are keeping up with this blog. For those with family or friends on the Mission, we all miss our loved ones so very much. Again we’re all okay, just keep us on your mind but please don’t worry about us. Much love ❤

Segundo día en Santa Cruz del Quiche

El día de hoy empezó con la santa misa en la iglesia del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús en Quiche y hemos recibido la cruz que la comunidad nos dio como enviados a la misión. Después de misa la comunidad nos dio la bienvenida en el centro comunitario de la iglesia, ahí nos recibieron con música tradicional de Guatemala y nos invitaron a bailar al ritmo de marimbas. Después los niños del catecismo nos bailaron y cantaron. Para terminar nos dieron una linda comida (que estaba deliciosa).

Más tarde fuimos a la comunidad de Pacho Chicalte a visitar a varias familias para orar con ellos, y recibieron la unción de los enfermos que se le impartió a este pequeño grupo, compartiendo un poco de nuestro tiempo en sus hogares. Fue una experiencia única porque caminamos bajo la lluvia y en medio de los sembradíos de maíz, con unos paisajes hermosos que solo Dios pudo haber creado. Al caminar y ver al grupo de misioneros caminado en medio de los montes me recordé de el pasaje de la biblia que habla de los apóstoles que fueron a evangelizar por todos los pueblos de la tierra algo que quedara grabado en nuestras vidas para siempre.

Nos hemos sentido bienvenidos por nuestros hermanos Guatemaltecos y especialmente por los niños y los jóvenes de este lugar. 

A nuestras familias y amigos no la estamos pasando súper chévere (como diría el Padre Alfonso) =)

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  1. Keeping up with yall day by day guys!!!!
    You’re all in my prayers (:
    Reading about your experiences and seeing the pictures takes me right there with yall (:

    “And only where God is seen does life truly begin. Only when we meet the living God in Christ do we know what life is… Each of us is a thought of God. Each of us is willed, each of us is loved, each of us is necessary… There is nothing more beautiful than to know Him, and to speak to others of our friendship with Him.”-Benedict PP XVI

    -Lili Gonzalez

  2. Dear Mission Team,

    Thank you for being there with our brothers and sisters in Christ! And thank you for writing this blog so we can keep up with you and everything you are doing.

    I’ll be in Adoration tonight praying for all of you…may your travels continue to be safe and smooth, and may you continue to have God’s abundant blessings upon your ministry.

    Your Sister in Christ,
    Chris Doherty

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