Day 3, July 12, 2010


Here are a collection of personel messages from our group memebers, which will be concluded with today’s summary

Well first of all, I would like to say hi to my family and inform them that I haven’t gotten lost yet! Secondly, Happy 19th Birthday Shelby! Today was fantastic and I experienced many new and incredible things! I was greeted this morning with a chocolate banana kiss from a beautiful little girl and throughout the day I did my best to de-rust my spanish skills.  Our day went a little differently than expected but was awesome anyway!  The children loved all of our activities and had a blast singing and dancing with us! We also made strings of sacrifice or rosary beads, colored numerous pictures, and painted like picasso!  I can’t wait to see what the Holy Spirit has in store for us for the rest of the week!


Rebecca Hecker

Hello Baby,

Oscar and I are doing fine and enjoying every minute of it. I sure miss all of you and wish y’all were here.  Love you and see you soon.


No worries Pops, im live!!! Today i visted a town filled with awesome little kids, for a villiage with few luxures those little boys sure know how to play soccer better than any other 10 year old kids ive ever seen. Say hello to the others for me, and that pepperoni pizza is sounding REALLY great right now 🙂


Primeramente quiero darle las gracias a todos las personas que estan en oracion por nosotros en casa y en el santisimo. Cada uno de las personas que estamos aqui estamos sintiendo el Espiritu Santo trabajar en nosotros. Hoy di my testimonio frente a unos 105 ninos de todas edades, igual como Lauren Hebert que dio su testimonio en espanol! Quiero comentar que estrano mucho a mis amigos  misineros del ano antepasado,porque con ellos convivi el empiezo de me discernimiento al sacerdocio. Hoy estuvimos en el auditorio y durante las presentaciones uno de los ninos callo al suelo y le empezo a dar un ataque, mi corazon se partio al ver esto y no sabia que hacer. Manana sera otro dia y esperamos que les podramos transmitir el mensaje de Dios a todo la comunidad del Quiche.

Att. Luis M. Garcia

Hi Mommy, Daddy, Danielle, Jonathan, David, and Matthew!!!  I hope that you are doing well and having as much fun as I am.  I absolutely cannot wait to share about the amazing things that I’m experiencing here in Guatemala!  You are in my thoughts and prayers often and I am so grateful for the many graces I’m receiving thanks to your prayers.  

Guess what?  I got to play the marimba yesterday!!!  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!  It reminded me of playing duets and trios on the piano with Danielle and Jonathan because I played in a marimba ensemble!  🙂 

Please keep praying for us!!!  Please especially pray for me to do well giving my testimony on St. Therese in Spanish.  🙂  I love you all so much!!!! 

Pax Christi!

Lauren Therese  🙂

Hola amigos!

La presencia de Dios se siento el día de hoy. Gracias por sus oraciones el día de hoy deje que mi amigo Luis les compartiere su experiencia. Hasta mañana y que dios los bendiga!

Day Summary

Today was a truly special day. Our day started with the perfect event, a 5:55 am mass. We truly felt the presence of our Heavenly Father beginning with this beautiful celebration. After we traveled through the rugged dirt roads to the village of Chicalte, we yet again had the blessing of celebrating the blessed Eucharist, which is where I was personally touched. Celebrating mass with the indigenous people and how loving and accepting they were toward us, was wonderful. After mass we commenced our plans for the youth rally. Before we knew it, the community center where we were at was filled with the beautiful smiling faces of the youth. Around 105 children attended our program in which we were able to deliver the message of hope through a skit about young Jeremiah and the Annunciation. Afterwards we were able to split up into different groups and spend quality time with the children, either by playing games, painting, coloring, or arts and crafts. Our day was truly fruitful, not only were we able to bring so much for the children, we were able to receive so much more. Thank you for staying with us and reading about our wonderous experiences, but thank you especially for your prayers.


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  1. Hey Mom & Bro!!! (Elsa & Oscar)

    Its great to see that everyone is having a blessed time and making an impact on the people’s lives in Santa Cruz de Quiche! :°)
    We really miss you both and pray that ya’ll stay safe and continue on be God’s servants!!
    Love you both and much love to the rest of the Mission team….. we’re praying for ya’ll here!!

    Eleni, Stof, Christian & Pops

    p.s. the puppies miss you 😉

  2. Dearest Lauren and friends,

    Thank you so much for the updates! It is great to hear about your experiences each day. I look forward to your messages every morning. Timothy and Teresa, you two are doing an excellent job!

    Lauren, I am sure that your testimony today went very well. I know a lot of people have been praying for you. Wow, how did you learn to speak Spanish so quickly? Praise God!

    With love and prayers,
    Mommy 🙂

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