Day 04 7/13/10


Howdy from the ‘Chinese’ guy . . .

Teresa (via Dc Al) has been harrassing me all day about doing this blog thing, but the well has been dry and nothing came to mind . . . until our ‘sharing session’ in the middle of the night.  That’s when the inspiration came flowing.

Anyhow, what hit me like a ton of brick was to first and foremost send a ‘shout out’ to thank all of our ‘fellow missionaries’.  Every hour and on the hour, Dc Al would read out the list of folks who have signed up to do round-the-clock adoration for us.  Some names I recognize, some names are former travel team members, and some are complete unkowns . . . but certainly, ALL names belonged to ‘fellow missionaries’.  When we were weary, you picked us up.  When the rain fell hard, you helped to clear the roads.  When we were confused about changes in schedules, you led the way.  Make no mistake about it . . . you are here with us.  Only difference is that you’ll just have to wait for pictures to see the smile on these kids’ faces :).

To take from scripture a couple of days ago . . . ‘whoever receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward.’  Well, if there’s any hand outs for missionaries, you’d be at the front of that line.

This also goes for my wife and kids who have had to bear the brunt of dealing with daily life and stress while ‘daddy’s gone’.  But just remember, daddy loves you very much!  You’ve made it possible for daddy to be here.  Hang in there for a few more days . . . we can go get ice cream then! 

Ly.  p.s. here’s a little shout out to friends, family, nieces and nephews . . . especially those who went on this trip last year.  Your presence and personality is greatly missed.

Do you want to be a misson of Christ? Come to Guatemala. We as a team have been transformed by the Holy Spirit. We have witnessed the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. The childeren just  shine with Christ’s love. We came to transform and we are the ones transformed by a joyful, loving people. Their lives are not easy, but their hearts and eyes give pure joy. Our team has been a blessing to each other. Giving of themselves has been a joy to watch. I wish my family could witness what I have given this trip. I think this trip has been such a blessing for all of us in your prayers.  We would always read who was praying for us for that day. Without your prayers I couldn’t imagine a successful mission. I love you all and will continue to thank God for you all.

With love,



We Are Feeling the Prayers…

This is my 4th mission trip to Guatemala. I am so happy that I am here…it feels like my 2nd home. I would like to thank all of the people praying for us-friends at Prince of Peace, Resurrection St. Maximilian Kolbe, Our Lady of Lourdes. Our Lady of Lavang and Holy Vietnamese Matyrs Catholic Church. Your prayers helped us get through check-in and customs as smoothly as we have ever experienced!! The Lord was and is still always listening folks!

The people in the new aldeas  (villages) are very warm, loving and full of excitement. They have freely welcomed us with flowers, food, posters, music, and most of all, God’s perfect love. After Mass today, we all witnessed a woman who was so touched by our presence, she was moved to tears. The pastor of Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, Fr.Ventura, has been with us both not his home parish and, the small aldea (village) churches each day. One can see the obvious joy in his face as he witnesses our team’s presentations on “Hope”. If you didn’t already know this, Guatemala lost close to 200 people a month ago from a volcano eruption and tropical storm Agatha. From the skits to the personal witnesses to the music to the arts and crafts: children, thier parents, their pastor, the communtiy are truely delighted. We’re having a lot of fun, too!

You all have on mission with us through your prayers…the prayers are protecting us, inspiring us and providing a unity that might not without.  MANY THANKS! ❤

In His Love,

Susan (Sue) Gallagher

p.s. To my family-I love and miss you ALL! See you Saturday 🙂

This is Grace here! Just wanting to let all you guys back home know that I’m doing more than fine. I’m doing great! Can’t wait to share with all of you what I’ve experienced. Hope you guys are as jubilant as I am right now. Dad, when I get back from the mission, I want to hear all about your trip in Canada. Mark, dude, you better tell me how Philmont went. I want to here EVERYTHING. Boo Boo, don’t be a stinker. Suck it up and be a man of the house while Mark and Dad are away, that means taking care of Mom and making her happy until everyone of us comes back. Mom, I know your lonely and feeling depressed that all of us left you minus Boo Boo, but don’t worry Momma because before you know it, we’ll all be together once again. Love you guys, and I miss every single one of you. Just wanting to let you know that I pray for all of us every single night. Can’t wait to be home again after all the fun I”m having.

With lots of love ♥ and prayers,


p.s. Since I’ve been praying for you guys, I’d appreciate it if you do the same for me. lol btw dad, this is just merely an observation but I think you’re going over board with the whole texting thing. You have like texting fever. I admit, texting is pretty fun but chillax kay? Love, Grace again 😀

Hola como estan saludos dasde Guatemala:

Quisiera contarlas todo lo que: E vivido. Estas dias con todos qua mis companeros hermanos de la micion. Son cosas muy tristes pero tambien muy bonitas. Es una espericincia, muy grande que. No encountro parlabras, lo que si. Se esque Dios esta en todas partos. Del mundo y la vonda, y el amor que tiene Asia nosotros es muy grande. En estos dias me he sentido muy feliz y contento, lleno de paz y tranguilida.

La Paz que se siente por dentro del cuerpo al hoir Misas todos los dias por las mananas y la suerte, de Racibir. La Sangre y el Cuerpo de Dios, nuastro Sr. Es toda una Vendicion Dal Cielo.

-Rudy Zuniga

Hola! It’s Teresa, I have to go to bed so we won’t have any pictures uploaded to this post until tomorrow, sorry about that. Thank you for following us and reading our blog and also praying for us(: Your prayers have all helped us through this journey we are all taking here in Guatemala.

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  1. Lauren,

    Just realized you can leave messages after the last post! We have all been following your progress and have been praying for all of you each night. I am so proud of you and the work you are all accomplishing! I pray for your continued protection and safe return! Love, Daddy

  2. Shalom!!!!

    Muy queridísimos hermanos en Cristo, doy gracias por la bendiciones que Dios está derramando sobre ustedes y a través de ustedes… y se que hay muchas mas personas orando y dando gracias a Dios por ustedes y nuestros hermanos de Guatemala.

    Pater Alfonso un fuerte abrazo, cuídate y muchas gracias por tu vida y vocación para Dios.

    Marco, querido carnal estamos en oración… estamos esperando tu monólogo de 60 minutos 🙂

    Luisito, tu vocación y discernimiento son motivo de alegría para toda la comunidad!!! Gracias por estar de misiones en Guatemala

    Atte. Jair

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