Day 05 7/15/10


Hello, once again to everyone at home and especially to my family!  I can’t believe that this wonderful trip is already halfway over!  I have experienced many new and wonderful gifts here.  I absolutely love playing with the kids and teaching them how to make prayer beads!   Yesterday, I was also able to be a tree in one of the skits and was reminded of how the simple things in life can bring the most joy (and wonderful nicknames, like the Hola Machine! 🙂 ) !  I have enjoyed meeting new and wonderful children everyday and being able to play my  favorite sport, basketball, with all of them!  I will definately never forget this experience and feel very blessed to have been able to be here with all of these absolutely beautiful people!

Love ya like a Mayan loves corn!

Rebecca Hecker

p.s.- i still haven’t gotten lost!!  🙂  

Hola mi familia!  🙂  We just finished our last day of the youth rally today.  I can’t wait to tell you all everything about how each day went!!  Thank you so much for the prayers – my testimony went really well.  Today we got to do something very special after my testimony.  Anna Laura and I took the older girls aside to another classroom and we got to share more in depth with them than was shared to the whole group of kids.  I brought my poster of St. Therese to the breakout session and one of the teachers taped it to the dry erase board.  It was so touching for me to look up at her smiling face, for it felt like St. Therese was very present as Anna Laura and I shared her message of God’s merciful love and the Little Way. 

Tomorrow we’re going to visit the elderly at the Hogar nursing home.  We’re even bringing our tree costumes to perform our tree skit for them!  Fr. Alfonso will probably dress up as one of the trees.  🙂  After we visit the elderly, we’ll be travelling to Antigua.  Please continue to pray for all of us.  Everyone’s prayers are granting us so many blessings each day!  I miss you all very much and wish that you were here!  See you soon!  🙂

With love and prayers,

Lauren Therese

P.S. Mamo and Papo, it meant so much to me to see your names on the Adoration sign up sheet for Tuesday morning!  I was very touched by that gift.  Memere and Pepere, thank you so much for thinking of me and for your prayers!  I was so excited to see your message today!  I love you all!!!

Everyday has been special and a wonderful blessing for all of us on the travel team. We look through the list of adorers that are praying for us daily and know that you have been in our prayers too. Thank you for the prayers as many miracles are happening here because of your prayers. Seeds are being planted that will grow over a life time for us as well as for our brothers and sisters on Guatemala.

A big thank you to all the parents that allowed their teenagers to travel with us. They are a true gift and blessing to all of us…and the future of the Church looks great!

Peace and God’s blessings,

Kerry and Ann Bourque

Hello, it’s Teresa again here to fill you in on what’s going on in Guatemala. We’re all safe and sound (: Today was our last day in the aldeas [villages] and it was sad for the whole to have to accept the fact that we are leaving the beautiful rural area and it’s people behind, even though we left them physically the people and the sights that we saw these last three days will remain imprinted in our hearts and our memories.  

Tomorrow we are visiting the Hogar, a nursing home here in Santa Cruz de Quiche. The newbies don’t know what to expect and we are a bit anxious to find out. What we are for sure excited to see are the reactions of the elderly to our human trees, Ly Nguyen and Dc. Al’s Elvis impression, and Father Alfonso’s funky dancing. Sorry about not uploading pictures for the last post, we were all so tired and we just forgot; don’t worry though, tomorrow I promise that many silly pictures shall be taken(: Thank you for praying for us! And thank you for following this blog.

Personal Note

Huy: Only two more days(: I miss you so so so so so much Huyner, I can’t wait to see you again. I admit it’s tough not being able to talk to you every night and see Vi and your Mom, but I’m doing okay :] I hope you’re not missing me too much. I’m all safe and stuff, I haven’t been kidnapped or anything so no worries kay? I hope you’re writing your letters, I look forward to reading them. I LAVA YOU A LATTE -mwah-  ❤

Chan-hee: CALL ADONIS POR FAVOR. Make sure that you all are clear about how you guys are going to pay and make sure everyone’s schedule works out for him, yeah? I hope nothing big happened while I was gone… Dude, ever since being here I’ve heard some pretty great music and I can’t wait to come home and share it with you :] only two more weeks!

Ann: I never thought I would miss talking to you, but I do. I miss it when you talk about food and stuff, speaking of which I have had great food here in Guatemala which beats the Chinese food you eat any day, although I do miss rice…there’s a fried chicken place right next door to the hotel and every time we pass by it I think of you :[ Oh wow, I made it sound like you were fat. If anyone that does not know my friend Ann she blows away in the wind, foreal. Two more weeks man, be strong.


Chicabracan II

Finalmente llegamos a la comunidad de Chicabracan II donde fuimos muy bien recibidos por los niños y maestros de la escuela. Fuimos inmediatamente reconocidos por los niños mucho de ellos preguntaban por Adam Rincón alias nono y Adam si estás leyendo el Blog los niños te mandan muchos saludos.

Para empezar el mini retiro que teníamos preparado el padre Alfonso hizo la abertura del retiro. Después todos participamos en el mini retiro, como nuestro mensaje ha sido “Esperanza” decidimos usar las escrituras de La Anunciación a la virgen María y cuando Dios le llama a Jeremías a ser profeta. Estas dos escrituras pensamos que le puede traer Esperanza a nuestros hermanos de Guatemala. El día de hoy nos fue muy bien convivimos con los niños y nos dieron una deliciosa comida.

En la tarde tuvimos misa con la comunidad y por primera vez tuve la fortuna de leer un salmo ante la comunidad del Chicabracan II, esta comunidad es grande y para serles sincera fue una experiencia un poco nerviosa pero muy linda.  Creo que lo más inolvidable para mí es compartir la eucaristía con nuestros hermanos de Guatemala, hoy el canto de entrada fue “Juntos Como Hermanos”  el canto dice:

Juntos como hermanos

Miembros de una iglesia

Vamos caminando

 A el encuentro del señor

Y creo que este canto es perfecto para lo que vivimos cada día en la misa con cada comunidad.

 Nota para Lili Gonzales:

Rogelio te manda muchos saludos y te llevo una carta de él.

Adam: Los niños te extrañaron.

Creo que no me he introducido mi nombre es Ana Laura Avila y pertenezco al grupo de jóvenes SERVORUM DEI de Príncipe de Paz. A todos ellos les mando un cordial saludo desde Guatemala y muchísimas gracias por todas sus oraciones!

Familias estamos bien gracias a dios y nos vemos pronto.

Dios los bendiga

Laura Avila

 Un saludo del Padre Alfonso dando las gracias por todas aquellas personas que han hecho oración por nosotros y queremos compartir nuestra experiencia maravilloso que hemos podido vivir acá en Santa Cruz del Quiche.

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  1. Laura cuando estaba leyendo el mensaje en español, me dije quien será….. jajaja (:
    y casi me haces llorar aquí en el trabajo cuando leí que Rogelio me manda una carta creo que voy a llorar cuando la vea (i’m so in love with that kid!)!!! i cant wait to see it ❤

    Cant wait till you share your experience from this year with the rest of Servorum Dei (:
    Saludos de todo el grupo, hoy algunos nos juntaremos para celebrar la eucaristia y planear unas cosas, y manana el Diacono Victor y Tito nos tienen preparado un tema.
    Todos ustedes están siempre en mis oraciones durante todo el día (:
    May hearts be moved and filled with the Holy Spirit so you may be able to share this with others (:

    I love you all !!!!
    Your sister in Christ (and mission buddy)
    Lili Gonzalez

  2. LAUREN!!! I MISS YOU SO, SO, SO, SO MUCH! I have enjoyed reading about your experience in Guatamala every day in the blog! It’s been EXTREMELY weird not having you here with us, but you are always on our minds and we are constantly praying for you and the rest of the team. I wish I could call you to tell you everything that is going on here and to hear all that has happened to you, but, I suppose I shall have to wait until Saturday, boo-hoo! You were SO missed at Bible Study last night. Matt said a special prayer for you, Becca and Matthew. AAGGHH!I have SO MUCH to tell you and not enough time! I MISS YOU, LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With love and prayers, and more love and more love and more love and more prayers!! And a gigantic, huge, massive hug!

  3. The happiness and joy on your faces in the photos is priceless. We love your stories and the pictures and can’t wait to hear the details.

    Matthew, we miss you and love you. Did the guitar make it intact? 🙂

    God Bless You All!

  4. Becca,

    Looks like you are having a wonderful experience. We have tried posting before, but not sure if they are coming through. I am glad you have not been lost!!

    Love ya


  5. Laura, Luis y Marco. El grupo esta con ustedes. Gracias por dejar volar sus almas misioneras. Servorum Dei esta al tanto de su viaje y estamos en oracion por ustedes y todo el equipo.

  6. Hola Lauren!
    It is good to hear that everything is going so well for you and the team. The photos are beautiful! I really like the tree costumes. 🙂
    We have been having fun with VBS this week. Jonathan and David are so cute as Bible Buddies and Danielle and Angela are doing a great job with the Spotlight Drama. We have a funny story for you about that. Daddy has been helping me with the snacks. We have been serving up snacks for 231 children! Matthew is learning some good Bible stories. You can ask him what he has learned about Peter and Paul when you get home.
    I’m looking forward to a good, long hug and hearing all of your stories! One more day and a wake up!!! I love you! God bless you!!!
    St. Therese, pray for us!

  7. Hola, Laura que gusto da saber que estan bien por alla. Saludos a Ale y cuidense mucho. Que dies los bendiga y proteja a todos. Atte: Eloy y Angelica

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