Day 6: The Luis Edition


To my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I thank you all again for your continuous prayers which have tremendously helped us on our mission. You have read the blog postings of a few of us and they have benn silly or fun. My dear friend Timothy asked me to write today while he takes a hot bath and unwinds from another busy day. A lot of us this year have been bit by what we believe to be bed bugs. I will now attempt to recollect while I listen to Psalm 23 and the litany of the saints throughout this blog post.

As the days have gone by we have bonded together more and more. So today we visited the elderly and this particular day has been on my mind for a while since we arrived. The hogar, where the elderly reside, has new residents living there this year and they are working on new additions. Some of our favorite senior citizens have passed on to the next life and Im sure they are being held in the arms of our Heavenly Father. Today’s visit was one that I will never forget. One of the women sang to us and they absolutely loved us and asked us to come back soon. Another thing that really, truly touched me was when we entered the chapel in the Hogar and we were told that the walls had the ashes of those who were murdered and died during the 1996 Civil War. Entering this place I could hear the prayers of these people.   We have shared our difficulties and have picked each other up throughout. Today we checked out of Hotel el Sitio and traveled to our next destination which is Hermano Pedro in Antigua. Last year when I came to this place I did not get to go in because I was sick so I will make sure and be open hearted to what the Holy Spirit has in store for me in this place. May the peace of the risen Christ be with you all as we all answer our baptismal call to holiness and answer our vocational call to live out our mission at home.

Peace and Blessings,

Luis M. Garcia

P.S. Houston we had a problem! We couldn’t upload the blog this pass two days but the internet was not working at the hotel.


Gracias a Dios mucho de nosotros tenemos una casa que llamamos hogar donde nos sentimos bien. El dia de hoy nos toco ir a Casa Hogar, en este lugar viven ancianos que han sido abandonados. Al compartir unas horas de nuestro tiempo me puse a pensar, Dios te doy gracias por el hogar que yo tengo y que me has brindado por tantos años.

Para compartirles un poco de lo que hacemos en el acilo, llegamos ahí como a las 9:00 am para esto ellos ya están listos para que los llevemos a el centro de reuniones. En este lugar bailamos con ellos también cantamos y rezamos con ellos.  Después nos dieron un paseo por las facilidades del acilo. Al ponerme a reflejar un poco después de visitar a nuestros abuelitos adoptivos, me he dado cuenta que al estar con ellos la palabra hogar tiene otro significado: FAMILIA. Oh como dicen por ahí un casa no es hogar sin la familia.  

Al terminar la visita nos regresamos al hotel para empacar las cosas para venir a Antigua, Guatemala. Los volcanes que rodea esta ciudad la hacen ser una ciudad única e interesante. Mañana tendremos la visita a Hermano Pedro este es el hospital de aquí. Espero contarles más mañana de esta linda ciudad.

Houston tuvimos un problema, el internet no estaba trabajando en el hotel entonces asta el dia de hoy pudimos publicarlo.

Laura Avila

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