Our last day in Guatemala


So I know I promised pictures and a blog post for yesterday, but the internet here in this hotel [as nice as it is] is ghetto and won’t let you send ANYTHING. Ugh. You readers are most likely reading this once we get back as long as the post that we couldn’t post last night.

Today we visited Hermano Pedro and inside we couldn’t take pictures…but the feelings one feels being surrounded by those of all ages in severe medical needs is what everyone said was ‘humbling’ and it really was. I don’t really know how to describe the feelings we all felt, it was all very beautiful yet with a twinge of sadness and most definitely the realization that we are all very blessed to have all that we do and how we take it for granted.

The rest of the day was spent getting massages, which some of the lucky missionaries did, while the rest of us sight saw and bargined like crazy. We all brought home something for our loved ones and I personally can not wait to give my parents their gifts.

Tomorrow we head back to Houston, we’re all going to miss this country, its people, and  the joys and wonders it shared with us . We all hope to maybe someday come back because we were all touched by, well…we truely were touched by the Holy Spirit which worked with us the whole Mission. Thank you all for your prayers, and thank you God for giving us all this opportunity.

Nuestro ultimo

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  1. Hola que tal Misioneros, Solo les escribo para echarles porras ayer fui a la capilla a rezar por ustedes y sepan que hay mucha gente haciendolo. no estan solos! echenle muchas ganas. Animo Saludos a todos. Sus amigos, Sara, Isidro y familia

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