And the mission resumes…


The 2011 mission team has completed its extensive training, all 30+ Action Packers have been weighed taped and sealed, the missionaries have been blessed and commissioned by the parish community, and the leadership team is going through final preparations… it feels like it’s either the anticipation of Christmas Eve or we’re about to launch the final Space Shuttle flight due to all of the necessary advance planning and due diligence from an extensive community of passionate team members.

Regardless of the driving purpose of our collective hard work and dedication, the sense of outcome will be the same. Just like the youthful joy of Christmas morning or the exhilaration of launching the Shuttle, the days ahead will be intense and over before we know it – all with a wonderful feeling of success and accomplishment.

And so the mission resumes again…

T minus 1 day to launch. Today is Mission Eve.

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  1. Por favor podrian avisarnos cuando hallan llegado a Guatemala, Can you inform to us when they arrived to Guatemala please

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