In Antigua and catching our breath


Hola, mi amigos!

The blog has become quiet for the days during the core part of the mission.  This is mostly due to the intensity of the mission program where our days start before 5AM and end after 11PM due to the daily routine of working as one team to act upon God’s call to our apostolic action.

Now after 4 long days, culminated by our longest yet on Thursday, the team gets a rewarding day to catch its breath.  This will be the first time since Sunday where the mission allows for a brief respite of personal time and, God willing, the blog will reflect this catch-up.

In the meantime, enjoy the photo below from this year’s Youth Rally.  The Internet access in Antigua appears to be better than Santa Cruz so hopefully additional content will be loaded today for the blog.

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  1. So nice to hear from you guys, but we were not really worried, like my father said no news are good news, specially in the type of work you are doing, definitely, The Holy Spirit is with you, protecting and guiding the mission. Saludos a todos

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