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The End!


Right at this moment we are packing up and getting ready to leave. We have become skilled at the taping and labeling of action packers; packing our luggage, and following instructions.  One of the things we have learned on the mission is to be obedient and flexible; to allow God to do His Will through all of us.  We’re getting on the bus at 10:30, and our flight leaves at 2, so we should be back in Houston around 6 PM! 🙂

We owe a great deal of thanks to our leaders, Marco Avila, Fr. Alfonso and Jose Alonso, Anna Cisne who tirelessly made all of the difficult decisions and led all of us through our journey.  Other people who were key helpers included Anna Laura Avila, Eileen Campbell, Elisa Campuzano and Yesenia Espinosa.  This missionary humbly thanks everyone for their leadership, patience and tenacity.  We are now a family building the Kingdom of God.  Hallelujah!  See you soon, Houston!!!

-Susan Gallagher

Director, Outreach Ministry

Day 7! Last Day!




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What an amazing week!  As we wrap up the trip, we reflect on how we can carry forth the mission when we return home.  Today we visited the hospital in Antigua and were greatly impacted by the patients, especially the children, that we met with.  Missionaries Lily and Rebecca were able to stay behind after the tour to work with the children’s unit.  “It was a blessing to serve them with our singing voices, helping hands at lunch time, and sharing laughter through our stories.  This is what mission is all about!” Missionary Lily said.  Thank you for all of your prayers and support!


You are the light of the world.  Matthew 5:14





– Missionary Erica Gonzales

“As we strolled through the historic, yet new city of Antigua, we gazed upon beautiful natural vegetation,  complimented by the simple people and the colonial architecture all surrounded by the mystically dormant volcanoes.”

Gabriel Kyle Pineda


And so we are in the last night of the mission here in Antigua Guatemala, the “Jerusalem of the Americas”. A week ago it seemed like the mission was going to be long, but looking back, time has gone by so fast. Now, we bring with us the smiling faces and laughters of the kids, the joyful looks of the elderly when we visited them, the tears of the sick with whom we prayed for healing; all of this stands as a vital reminder of our mission as Catholics, our mission to fulfill Christ’s commandment: “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. As I look back, I am grateful that I was allowed to bring God to my fellow Guatemalans. Every day for a moment we were able to to bring Heaven to all of those in need, most specially during the Holy Sacrifice of Mass. This mission reminds me that man truly finds his fulfillment when he gives himself completely in humble service for love of God and in compassion for others. And so, we go forth in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Jose Alonso.

See you when we get back! 😀







Day 6! Fun at the Hogar!


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Sorry day 6 came late we had a bad connection, but we are up and running!

HELLO!!! This is Meghan Gallagher! Yesterday we visited the Hogar (Nursing Home). A lot of people on the team were nervous to be around the frail elderly people, including myself, but once we put music on everyone lit up! I think the people in the home had more energy than the team. My job on this mission has been, and is still the team photographer, with this job I have been able to see everything from a different perspective, through my lens I saw what others can’t, all the love shared, but even with that the pictures and videos taken then still wont show this wonderful place justice! After the joyful dancing we helped the beautiful people get to mass. After saying are sad goodbyes, we did a little sight seeing! We went to a look out and took some great pictures in front of the volcano. The rest of the day consisted of taking a dip in the pool,the team meeting Jose’s family at a restaurant for dinner, sharing and finding out our prayer partners! Over all it was a great birthday! 😀

Day 5! The Last Day in the Aldeas :(


Dear Friends,

Today is our fifth day and it was wonderful.  Each day gets better and better.   I have always heard that we are Jesus’ feet, hands, and body.  However, today I learned that the people here, especially the people we visited at their home, are truly Jesus.  Their spiritual faith is so strong and powerful that they have enough to share with us.  We as missionaries are taking Jesus with us to share this great gift we have received today and share it with all of you.

In Christ’s love,

Irma Pineda

Good evening to my new Prince Of Peace family being here in Guatemala is truly a wonderful experience spiritually each day is a new blessing thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

In Christ,

Rosio Contreras

Hello, Houston from Susan Gallagher!  Today was a perfect; w, e were ministering in a new aldea, “Chajbal.”  The people were very welcoming and the children were extremely excited about our visit.  We danced, sang, acted and crafted with the children.  The teachers enjoyed everything we had planned for the children.  Each child left with one or two craft items, reinforcing the skits they viewed, to take to their homes.

Mass was beautiful and Dcn. Pedro gave a wonderful homily about finding Christ in other people.

After Mass we visited sick people in their homes.  They were very kind and thankful for our visit.  We laid our hands on them and prayed.  They were touched deeply, which touched our hearts forever!

Tomorrow we will visit the Hogar de Ancianos (Home for Seniors).  Stay tuned for more on the blog tomorrow!

Hasta Luego,

“Susanita ‘




Day 4! :D


Hi! This is Andrew:) . Today the team went to Xesic. It was a real blessing. We were so happy to bring joy to all the little ones there and at the same time share God’s  message of Unity and Solidarity with them. We had so much fun over there I didn’t want the day to be over. We let them experience new games like jump rope, 3 legged racing, and double dutch! They were very happy that we let them keep the ropes. The little girls were very good at basketball.

Day 3!


A sea of smiling faces filled the school in Chicabracan I as the children welcomed our mission team.   Our hearts were truly touched watching the children embrace the music, dancing, skits, crafts, and playground games we shared with them.  Kat waj means I love you in kiche, the native language of Chicabracan.  We will forever remember the love that was shared with us today.