Day 1, We Made It!


ImageHello from Guatemala! We have had a wonderful, but long day. The 2012 mission team is shown above just before boarding the plane to Guatemala City. As you can see spirits are high!ImageHere’s the view from our window as we were about to land.ImageAfter going through customs successfully, (thank you for the prayers) we loaded all of our materials and luggage onto the bus and trucks, then we were on our way! We told stories, prayed, and sang our way to Santa Cruz del Quiche. Being squished into a small bus for 5 hours helps the bonding process! 😀 ImageOne of the “highlights” of the day was a detour caused by a bridge that had collapsed. We were forced to take an alternate back road, that none of the drivers had driven before. Most people were frightened, but after saying the rosary we all found peace, even with the road having way more ups and downs than a roller coaster. We are signing off, and rising early and heading to Sacred Heart of Jesus (sister parish) for Mass and a mini retreat! Thanks again for the prayers and checking on us! Hasta Luego! 🙂

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