Day 2, A Special Day with our Sister Parish!


, “Today we were welcomed into our Sister Parish with an extremely special welcoming and a second commissioning, an unforgetable experience! We did not just feel unworthy, as we sat up on the altar above the community, but we at a moment felt as if we were being praised, as if we were celebrities or famous. But why, others and I asked ourselves. It remained unclear for me why the very special way in which the community received us, until I felt my answer had been answered. I had just received the Holy Eucharist, meanwhile the song “Dios Esta Aqui” (God is Present) and I realized the reason why. The community did not see  us or receive us as the individuals on misison, but they did so as Jesus Christ, as God himself, and that song reflected and  stated exactly the reason why. God was present and I do believe we all recognized it. The community gave us many surprises, received us with a path of pine needles and gave us  commissioning bracelets and a gift to take home to our families (hand-made mini-banners).

After Mass, youth from several aldeas (villages) joined the missionaries for an action packed mini-retreat, based on the theme “Unity and Solidarity.”  Jose Alonso is shown in the photo leading one of the ice-breaker games entiltled, “Hola, How, Sayanara!”   Also displayed are missionaries, combined with Sacred Heart Youth after completing the “Find That Saint” scavenger hunt – it was tons of fun!  The addition of the mini-retreat to the mission schedule cultivates a new form of service and bonding between the Sister Parishes.

Well, that’s all for tonight.  This missionary needs a little sleep!  God Bless, Everyone.  Please keep those prayers coming; we feel your presence with us.  Missing you, Houston.  Quiche, Guatemala signing off!



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