Day 5! The Last Day in the Aldeas :(


Dear Friends,

Today is our fifth day and it was wonderful.  Each day gets better and better.   I have always heard that we are Jesus’ feet, hands, and body.  However, today I learned that the people here, especially the people we visited at their home, are truly Jesus.  Their spiritual faith is so strong and powerful that they have enough to share with us.  We as missionaries are taking Jesus with us to share this great gift we have received today and share it with all of you.

In Christ’s love,

Irma Pineda

Good evening to my new Prince Of Peace family being here in Guatemala is truly a wonderful experience spiritually each day is a new blessing thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

In Christ,

Rosio Contreras

Hello, Houston from Susan Gallagher!  Today was a perfect; w, e were ministering in a new aldea, “Chajbal.”  The people were very welcoming and the children were extremely excited about our visit.  We danced, sang, acted and crafted with the children.  The teachers enjoyed everything we had planned for the children.  Each child left with one or two craft items, reinforcing the skits they viewed, to take to their homes.

Mass was beautiful and Dcn. Pedro gave a wonderful homily about finding Christ in other people.

After Mass we visited sick people in their homes.  They were very kind and thankful for our visit.  We laid our hands on them and prayed.  They were touched deeply, which touched our hearts forever!

Tomorrow we will visit the Hogar de Ancianos (Home for Seniors).  Stay tuned for more on the blog tomorrow!

Hasta Luego,

“Susanita ‘




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