Day 6! Fun at the Hogar!


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Sorry day 6 came late we had a bad connection, but we are up and running!

HELLO!!! This is Meghan Gallagher! Yesterday we visited the Hogar (Nursing Home). A lot of people on the team were nervous to be around the frail elderly people, including myself, but once we put music on everyone lit up! I think the people in the home had more energy than the team. My job on this mission has been, and is still the team photographer, with this job I have been able to see everything from a different perspective, through my lens I saw what others can’t, all the love shared, but even with that the pictures and videos taken then still wont show this wonderful place justice! After the joyful dancing we helped the beautiful people get to mass. After saying are sad goodbyes, we did a little sight seeing! We went to a look out and took some great pictures in front of the volcano. The rest of the day consisted of taking a dip in the pool,the team meeting Jose’s family at a restaurant for dinner, sharing and finding out our prayer partners! Over all it was a great birthday! 😀

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