Guatemala Mission 2013, the Countdown Begins!


At the Spanish Mass yesterday, Father Alfonso, introduced us and blessed us as we prepare to begin this year’s mission.  Last week, Ralph and I were in Ohio, but most members of our group were commissioned at the 10:45 English Mass also.  With blessings and prayers we are about to undertake a spiritual journey, a gift from God and bring the gift of ourselves and our faith to share with the Guatemalan people.  There are a few missionaries in our group who have made this journey before, but most of us  are embarking on a new mission and hope to fill the shoes of those who have gone before us.  We are praying that our theme “We Want to Know Jesus”  comes to life and enflames our hearts and the hearts of the Guatemalan participants from the very young to the very old .

With the different groups meeting and meeting and meeting, yesterday we did our meshing together of all our hard work. We are hoping to turn our individual products into a spiritual youth rally.   Nelly and Woody, who will be our MC’s, got us started with signs asking for applause, noise or silence.  The music group presented us with songs that they had worked on and a small booklet with the Spanish words. We practiced the songs and the motions – jumping, twirling, and laughing- what fun!  Of course, those of us who are not bilingual were trying to get our tongues and minds around the Spanish language.  Our desire and our enthusiasm was there, but our Spanish probably would not be understood by most.  With the long bus ride in Guatemala, I am sure that we will improve.  The skit team put on two skits with actors, actresses, props and Jeff playing the guitar.  Our audience was enthusiastic and made us feel like our hard work had paid off.  The arts and craft group shared their projects of necklaces, bracelets, a Jesus figure, a coloring page, and masks for the children to make that resembled the masks in the first skit.  Anna made copious notes and the rally was materializing before our eyes.  On to the packing party!   Notes from Ann

¡Buenas noches hermanitos lindos! :0D

¡No puedo creer que ya se acerca el día de nuestra partida hacia Santa Cruz del Quiche!

¡Dios es grande! En lo personal, he visto como el Señor nos ha bendecido. El equipo en particular es un equipo diverso, que incluye a adolescentes, jóvenes adultos, adultos, jóvenes de corazón ;0), misioneros veteranos y nuevos misioneros! Creo que hemos hecho buena mancuerna; y cada uno hemos podido usar nuestros dones y descubrir dones que teníamos escondidos, para preparar la misión de este año: “Quiero Conocer a Jesús”. Hemos terminado el entrenamiento y los últimos dos domingos fuimos comisionados, primero en la misa de 10:45 en inglés y este domingo pasado en la misa de 2 en español. Mil gracias a todos por sus oraciones, donaciones y tiempo hasta la fecha. ¡Que Dios les dé más!

También gracias a todos los que se apuntaron y estarán acompañando al Santísimo durante la Adoración, si aún no se han apuntado, ¡todavía lo pueden hacer! ;0)

– God Bless!

Nelly :0D

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