Packing Party


How can I begin to write about a packing party? I have packed for lots of trips, but I would call this a packing extravaganza! Boxes, boxes everywhere and so little time. I was overwhelmed by the sense of community with the help of the past missionaries, our current team, and just parishioners who wanted to participate. Those two rooms reminded me of a bee colony with all the worker bees buzzing to do the various jobs. Packing boxes turned into an art – how many things could fit into a box and still weigh 48 pounds almost like a jigsaw puzzle. Shirley became a twist tie master to keep the boxes securely tied and I saw various missionaries including Gene become a real master of packing tape with a unique system of how to get the tape around those boxes without breaking out in a sweat. Calling over this melee was the voice of Jessie who kept track of every inventory slip for every box. You would have thought we were playing bingo when she yelled Number 23 and the missing list was located to the shouts of the participants. We bloggers were taught how to use the blog, the camera, video equipment and computer while in Guatemala. With incessant computer error messages, Nelly volunteered her laptop, so we hopefully can be successful in sharing our time in Guatemala with the home mission team and others. Susan spoke of the many donations of items, money for the missionaries, but also money for the needs of the Guatemalan parish, and how the home team would be praying for us every minute. Inspired by Sunday’s gospel from Luke, we missionary laborers are heading out two by two to bring peace and share the kingdom of God. I want to end with a quote from a song, ” I give myself away, so you can use me.” Notes from Ann

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