Chajbal (Monday)


Chairs, chairs, chairs, benches, desks with chairs on heads, in hands, or shoulders quietly being carried by students – the very young  up to 6th graders- into the auditorium for our youth rally. The superintendent welcomed us, and a young boy inspired us with a beautiful  song. After the first skit, our Jesus was mobbed by children eager for hugs, such a touching scene and Serafin whispered to them about Jesus and how He loved them. Our crafts turned out so cute and the missionaries had such fun interacting with the youngsters. At Mass Deacon Bill spoke of giving your total self and not to run out of “flour and oil” but to keep getting refilled and giving of yourself. Give and God will fill you up. That has been so true on this journey because we are giving but we are receiving so much more. The missionaries, Lisa, Woody, Ebony, Rebecca, Yesenia, Jose, Dylan, Luis Gonzales, Ralph, our driver Marco, and I , we called our bus the “fun bus”. We “pushed” our bus all the way back to the hotel by pushing on the seats with exaggerated gestures when our van had to tackle those steep hills in first gear, so we could make it up the hill. At Nueva Vista, a rehab community, our vibrant excitement was our way of taking Jesus to the people. Visiting their small chapel was so calming, and how appropriate to have the small tabernacle in an stylized ear of corn. With our music and songs we gradually saw smiles on some faces. Raising 4,000 chicken, seeing all those eggs, and picturing the community as self sufficient was mind blowing!  Notes from Ann

¡Wow! ¿Qué les puedo decir de la Aldea Chajbal? El recibimiento que nos dieron, el amor que nos demostraron, era como ver y sentir el amor de Jesús. Los niños son tan amorosos, cariños y agradecidos… Al principio los niños tenían pena y no se atrevían a acercarse a nosotros. Ordenadamente entraron al salón con sus sillas y unos comenzaban ha acercarse a saludar y abrasar a los misioneros.  Uno de los niños, Marvin, el “sobrino” de Woody nos cantó – realmente nos dejó con la boca abierta por su talento.

– God Bless

Nelly ;0)


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  1. Hey, Everyone! I must say, I had tears in my eyes when I read about Serafin (as Jesus) being mobbed by the children and him whispering that He loves them! Wow! You all are making “I want to know Jesus” very special for people. And, Fr. Alfonso’s joy and love is so evident in his face. We are all continuing to pray – thanks for the blog postings – they are great! Love, Susana

  2. Mis oraciones y bendiciones para cada uno de ustedes, una gran experiencia que seguro será de gran bendición a lo largo de su vida ….ustedes solo instrumentos en las manos de Dios .
    Lo dicho a Dios solo dos palabras gracias y perdón , una gran bendición que mi hija y amiga sean parte de esta linda experiencia te extraño mi niña pero se que Dios vive en tu corazón y en ese corazón limpio y bueno tendrás un lugarsito siempre para cada una de todas esas lindas personas de el hermoso país de Guatemala TQM

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