Day Two at the Aldeas (Tuesday)


What a life experience I am on right now! I am missioning with the most awesome team I can ever imagine to be here in Guatemala. We are constantly busy with schools, churches, hospitals, and home visits. Words cannot convey all the emotions I have been experiencing—this is truly the most fulfilling, humbling and loving past few days for me! And we are just halfway through the week. I know that I have seen Jesus in every person I have encountered. Language, for me, makes no difference. The simplest, most loving people here have given so much to each of us; they are so grateful to us and in return make us feel so blessed and special. The beautiful smiles and loving hugs from all the children make me remember we are all children of God and He loves each and every one of us always. Thank each of you for all of your prayers and continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Many blessings and much love!


El día de hoy fue muy hermoso. No solo porque pasamos un lindo día con los niños de la Aldea de Lemoa, sino que también porque fuimos a visitar a unos enfermos en sus casas. Aunque estaban sufriendo por estar enfermos no dejaban de agradecer nuestra presencia.

 – Tania G.

 Aunque extrañó mucho a mi mama, estoy aprendiendo mucho y estoy muy bien.

 – Alondra

IMG_6833IMG_7028IMG_6882Bishop Rosalino

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  1. Dear fellow missionaries (who know me well) – it’s time to get up and drink coffee now!! 5:00 a.m. Don’t you miss me knocking on all your doors to wake you up??? Eileen

    Carol, I am just imagining the experience you are having and I am SO glad you decided to go. You are right – there is not a moment during mission when you don’t see Jesus, on team and in the people you share your heart with. Godspeed on the rest of your mission! Eileen

  2. Are these soulful & heartfelt words of gratitude & love expressed by my beautiful sister, Carol Stephanie ?! How my heart and soul sing with delight and praise Jesus. How I love you and am so grateful that God, by his generosity, grace and love has touched your team’s hearts and souls to serve those in need. Blessings and smiles to all of you.

  3. When my sister Carol told us the day before she left that she was going on this mission, I was both happy for her and worried about her at the same time. When you have this kind of calling in your heart, you need to follow it. We have been praying for the group to be safe and have a fulfilling mission. When we saw the picture of Carol posted with all the children, my brother Joel noticed the angel over her head. Even though some people may say it’s just a flash or reflection, we prefer to believe that it is the guardian angel Our Lord has sent and we feel that this group is truly blessed and protected. Praise God!

  4. Oh, my comment did not appear. I probably forgot to click on something. Just so excited to read your comment, Carol Stephanie. We are so happy for this beautiful blessing in your life and for God blessing us with you in our lives. We love you so very much. Continued prayers forever.

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