The Missionary Church in Latin America


Greetings and Salutations fellow missionaries,

A few years ago I was asked to write an entry for the blog and it just so happens that I was asked yet again to do it around the same time when we visit the elderly at the home. One of the most interesting things about visiting the elderly is interacting with the existential reality that we are all going to be in the same place soon. There will be a time when we will feel useless and we return to a more primitive stage in our life in which we will not be able to do even the most basic human actions. During the war here in 1996 many of the family members of the elderly died and when the Hogar was established, the chapel has some of the remains of the people built into the walls. This was done so that when they would pray the would be joined by those who had died. The Bishop of this local diocese called Quiche a land of the martyrs and the Mayan people still thirst for God and all who have died  in the pursuit of justice.  Thank you all for covering us in prayer, please be assured of our prayers for you aswell. Maltiosh amigos!

– Luis Garcia

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