Go Make A Difference


Our Mission trip has drawn to a close. All these people that came together to fulfill a mission, to complete the promises that they made to themselves and the team have become scattered to different parishes, different homes, and different areas of the city. We were all anxious to get back home, but carried the memories of a job well done. When asked this morning at church to describe our mission, no words can explain it.  I tried to convey some of the inspiration I felt from other members of the team, from the Guatemalan people, from our priest and deacons, but how do you sum up in words the emotions that we experienced.  We had a roller coaster ride from the highs of the laughter, singing and playing of the school children to the home visits that touched our hearts and brought tears, to the hospital visit to the patients with so many disabilities. Our songs that I tried so hard to learn have played over and over in my head today. Go Make a Difference. You Can Make a Difference. Go Make a Difference in the World. I don’t know if the difference is an overwhelming difference in Guatemala, but this mission trip did make a difference to me and my view of the world. At the beginning we started this journey as a Mission Team with little knowledge of each other, but we ended the mission as a family, a family that shared a dream and came together to fulfill it.  Notes from Ann

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