24 Missionaries, 25 Hours and 5 Sundays of Training, Oh My!!!


I’m sure that’s what many of us first-time missionaries were thinking when we learned we would be meeting for 5 Sundays, 4.5 hours each Sunday!  In the beginning, it sure seemed like a lot of time, but each Sunday seemed to just fly by! I’m sure we all agree that the time was well spent.

These critical training sessions covered important information to prepare us for the mission.  We learned about our mission destinations, prepared and worked within our small group ministry teams, and overall understood how we would interact and serve the people of Guatemala. By the end of our series of classes, our group of strangers became one of brothers and sisters. We are now one united family, prepared to face our mission with faith and solidarity.

On a personal note: At the beginning of this process, I really knew no one at Prince of Peace. As a newcomer to the Houston community through my extensive work travel, I knew I needed to find a church home. I typically attend mass alone, and while I felt a spirit of welcome at the church, I realized I was missing a connection – the community connection one feels as part of the body of Christ.

I took notice of the advertisement in the bulletin searching for Guatemala Missionaries, and I knew this was the opportunity to carry out an unfulfilled desire God placed on my heart to go on a mission trip.   Another benefit of the mission, unbeknownst to me, would be the love and fellowship I have gained thus far from the hard work, preparation, and team work interacting with our mission team.

We are all prayerful and eager with anticipation at our upcoming voyage of faith. We are God’s hands and his feet, and only He knows the master plan for the work He will have us to do.


IMG_8909 IMG_8915 IMG_8920 IMG_8939 IMG_8952 IMG_8988

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