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It is with great joy, excitement, tranquility, peace, love, compassion, admiration, motivation that I write to you on the eve of our Mission Trip. If my emotions were a color they would be BRIGHT YELLOW. Just like the sun, I could see the Iris of the eyes of family members and co-workers widen as I shared how close I was to leaving for my trip today. I am confident that I was glistening and I was glistening of joy, because I knew I was/am hours away from serving God.

If my emotions were a food, they would be ICE CREAM. I feel like screaming of excitement and anticipation for when my alarm clock rings. I know that when 4:30 am comes around my mind, body, and soul are going to rise in one accord. I will wake up as if I’ve been in hibernation mode and it’s my time to LIVE! You see, God provides the energy you need when you are working to bring the kingdom to others and that deserves a SCREAM and SHOUT!

If my emotions were a car they’d look a lot like a Lamborghini. My heart is racing at what feels like 100 mph. If my emotions were a song it would be “Hakunnah Matata” because it means NO WORRIES. In our last post a fellow missionary said “Expect the Unexpected” and trust that God has it all in his hands. Therefore, for the time being my emotions are far from worry because ultimately I know who is steering the wheel, switching the gears, and allowing us to enjoy the passenger’s seat (in the Lambo.)

If my emotions were an animal they’d be a butterfly with HUGE wings in my tummy. You know that nervous-excited feeling that comes on your first day of school, when you go on a interview, when you go on a first date, when you walk up to be sealed with the Holy Spirit on your Confirmation Day, I feel that.

If my emotions were a drink they would taste a lot like freshly squeezed iced cold lemonade. As soon as it reaches your stomach you get that AHHHHH sensation. You know what I’m talking about, it’s unexplainable, but it feels so good. I am feeling that way. If my emotions were a name it would be SERENITY. I am currently in a state of sereneness and it can all be attributed to the man who chose me to be a small part of his big story. I feel calm because I know there will never be a time on this mission when I or my fellow missionaries are alone because God is with us. He is with us and he is for us.

In closing my post I ask that we all be reminded of the Serenity Prayer. As we get ready to say our evening prayers, lay our heads to rest, I invite you to pray it with me:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”

In doing so we remind ourselves how great our Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient our heavenly father is. We are reminded that all that’s to come in the next week is thanks to the father and for the father. In all that we do, all that we say, HE must become greater and we must become less.

From the one God loves, to the ones God loves,



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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog, and aside from what it says, I’m sure you know what points made me smile. The one that most caught my eye was a phrase mentioned to you on your quinceañera and today it has greater meaning.

    I look forward to reading the entries that will give me a greater insight as to what the group is doing. I love you 💙

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