Energy May Run Dry But Love Never Does!


When we arrived at the airport, practically the first thing you could read on everyone’s faces was exhaustion, lack of sleep, and general absentmindedness from lack thereof. We got a little bit of respite during the plane ride, but we all know that’s not always the most comfortable place to sleep (especially when confined between two other passengers!).

Regardless, through all that, we could still feel the love we have for each other (even while not knowing much about each other). Even though we are really tired, we can’t stop talking, joking, smiling, and helping each other out. For example, after the 2.5 hour plane ride and 5 hour bus ride to the hotel, everyone was all smiles as we formed a human train and unloaded the 140 items (suitcases, personal bags, and water cases). We had a good rhythm going! And it still goes right now at 11:00pm as we prepare our supplies for the activities tomorrow. What keeps us going, you may ask? I reiterate, it is the brotherly love that is forming between us and also the love we have for this mission – the mission to be images of Christ for the people of Guatemala.

In addition to this amazing teamwork, we received a lot of signs of encouragement along the way.  As we neared the last hour of our trek, we suddenly started getting little “God reminders” of why we wanted to come on this mission. Every 5 minutes or so, we were delighted by the sight of young children waving, smiling and jumping up and down in greeting as our mini-bus made its way down the winding roads. They were so cute! 🙂

The sheer excitement and joy these children expressed were infectious and we couldn’t help but smile and wave in reply. These little gestures of welcome erased the feelings of fatigue and served as little “pushes” of encouragement. We already realized He is with us along the entire mission, but the visible reminders through the smiles of His children was a nice confirmation to have!

P.S. Our blog setting are not allowing us to show the correct time. It is currently 10:30pm Guatemala time.


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