Blessed to Be a Blessing


What we accepted as a calling to bless others, we quickly have come to realize the blessings Christ is bestowing upon us. The people we were chosen to serve are in turn serving us.

As we started off our day, God quickly reminded us of his presence at Sagrado Corazon de Jesus and he continued to remind us all the way through our evening reflections. We all remember when we felt it; some missionaries first felt the presence of the Holy Spirit at the sight of children lining up on both sides of us with balloons. The best illustration we can give you of this reception, was the welcoming of Jesus into Jerusalem with palms. Others were moved when children waltzed down the aisle carrying hand-stitched journals, one for each missionary.  Next the kids started singing “Alma Misionera” to us (shout-out to Servorum Dei J!). This beautiful song captures the essence of our mission and it was all the more meaningful to hear it in the children’s voices. It brought some of the missionaries to tears.

After the mini-retreat’s activities, the day closed with goodbyes and expressions of gratitude in the form of heartfelt hugs, warm smiles, and encouraging words.  This experience made us recognize that we are right where we belong, and we are carrying out God’s plan.

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  1. I am sooo happy that Have seen God grace and love for others. He is amazing. Servorum Dei is praying for everyone.
    Misionera de Corazon

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