From the Writing of Babes


Delayed post from July 14 (limited internet access)

Today, I worked with the 3rd graders at the school in our first aldea, Cucabaj II. After a morning of singing, dancing, theatrical skits and games, we went into the classrooms for arts and crafts.  The first craft we made was a cross made of construction paper which the children would decorate any way that they wanted using small pieces of tissue in various colors. We helped each student apply glue to their cross figure. They really got into the activity!

As each child completed their crosses, we reminded them to write their name on the back and that they would keep them. I approached one little girl and asked her if she signed her name. She grinned at me and said, “yes.” She turned over the cross and showed me where she wrote her name vertically. However, what surprised and touched me was that on each arm of the cross, she had written “Emma” and “Tania” (my buddy missionary in the classroom) to remember us after today.

From the mouths (or writing) of babes! While the child was showing a gesture of love and appreciation, this moment reminded me of a lesson from one of my faith formation instructors several years ago when I was completing the RCIA process to become Catholic.  The instructor told me that the cross is both vertical and horizontal; our vertical relationship with God, and our horizontal relationship with our faith community and our brothers and sisters in Christ. When this little girl wrote Tania and I’s names she unknowingly represented that horizontal relationship we already share and by writing her name vertically, she represented the offering of love we give the Lord by coming to serve this community.



Today we’d like to thank the Lord for:

  1. AGAPE: selfless, never ending, never failing, unchanging, and infinite love
  2. Our moms/dads/family/friends who continue to teach us what love is, looks like, feels like, sounds like
  3. Our health that allows us to love
  4. Our hopes for a future where we will continue to spread love
  5. Our communities united by love



P.S. – Alondra says she missed you, Mom! Pili misses her Mami too!

Below are some photos from today’s mission activities:

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  1. God’s work is being done and his blessings will live in your hearts forever!! Hello missionaries im happy to see so much love in every picture, the main purpose in this experience, LOVE!!! Special shout out to my Servorum Dei Missionaries!!! Blessings and hugs for every one of yall missionaries! God bless this amazing group!!!

    Emmanuel de Santos “woody”

    • Woody! Thank you so much for the LOVE you show us back home. It is the love you share that we take with us to share with the people here at Guatemala. Te mando un abrazo muy fuerte, hermano!
      – Juan

    • Brostie!! Thank you so much for your kind words!! We are definitely feeling the Holy Spirit doing wonderful things in all of us each day! Missing you and our mission selfies! 🙂

      Love and Hugs,

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