Today we went to Lemoa, one of the poorest villages in Quiche. During Guatemala’s civil war, this was one of the villages that was hit the hardest. On top of economic hardships, the Catholic population is a minority in this aldea (18%).

In order to talk about the joy of this day, we feel that we must give a little bit of background about what happened in this village last year. Although the 2nd-time missionaries remember that they had fun with the small children last year, they also shared that they had not received a warm welcome from the teachers and some of the older children. They were standoffish and aloof  and extremely reserved when the missionaries would ask for help in working with the children during arts and crafts. It had been a tough day.

Today, however, was a different story J. Us first-timers, along with the 2nd timers, were in awe of the tremendous amount of energy the children demonstrated. As one first-timer says, you’d blink and another child would appear in front of you with a big grin. Many missionaries shared stories of children surrounding them and looking at them with sparkling eyes as they waited anxiously for us to tell them what to do. Even the older students were more receptive this year (as in, they were actually paying attention!).

Guess this serves to show just how important it is to “plant the seed.” We thank the missionaries from last year for their hard work – we were able to witness the first fruits from those seeds J.

Don’t lose faith

What matters is the seed you are planting.


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  1. This is amazing!! I remember Lemoa very vividly and their not-so-very-welcome-welcome. Thank YOU missionaries for watering the seed! There is so much love in all your posts and pictures that I have no doubt you all are doing what this mission is all about: THE PRESENCE OF LOVE!
    Shout out to all Servorum Dei missionaries, I love you all very much!!! Including Pili 🙂

    Ama y sonrie hasta que duela!!


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