Ending with a Bang


Yesterday was a great day from start to finish. For the first time in Prince of Peace Mission history we visited Pacajá. The team was feeling anxious since it was our first time collaborating with this aldea (village).  Earlier in the week, our leaders were able to scope out this aldea to provide guidance and direction on what to expect. With the previous aldeas, it felt as if we were going to visit family (like the relatives you visit once a year), since the mission already knew about these villages.

However, as we prepared for activities at this aldea it felt like we were meeting extended family for the first time. We felt nervous, but very excited at the same time. When we arrived at the school all our nervousness melted away when we saw our new family running towards us to greet us. Our encounter with the children was warm and humbling. The children connected with missionaries and immediately started to play games, sings songs to learn English. They even created a carpet made out pine needles in our honor, as is customary for them. We connected with them through ice breakers and praised God through music before moving on to arts in crafts.

Meanwhile, the Adult Faith Formation team shared that they felt a strong presence of the Holy Spirit in the chapel where they were able to carry out their activities and presentations. The leaders of the community shared that they are trying to build a new church because they have outgrown the current one. The leaders were excited to hear the eagerness with which this Catholic community wants to grow both physically and spiritually.

The community of Pacajá opened their hearts and village to us. They have invited us to return next year and we couldn’t be more happy. It is truly a match made in heaven, the start of something new.

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  1. I’m sure everyone is on a great spiritual high, and as the day gets closer to coming to an end, as everyone is packing and preparing for the return, there will be many highlights on everyone’s mind. The greatest thing that everyone can be thankful for is Mission Accomplished. I have enjoyed reading the blogs and seeing the pictures. God has given you all talents, and miraculously you have accomplished a lot through your works of spreading His word and blessings. Safe travels on your return and many blessings to everyone. Remember that while touching all these lives, the greatest life touched was your own. Congratulations to each and every one of you ❤ Dios es Amor — God is Love.

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