We Are Family…



Well, family and friends. It’s that time of the year again. Our 2015 Mission to Guatemala team is ready to take off. While we are physically traveling to fulfill this year’s mission, the mission began many months ago when we discerned and accepted our call to serve the people of Guatemala this year. From that point of acceptance, there would be many, many hours of training and preparation, fundraising, and group projects to prepare the theme for this year – Family.

Family holds a different meaning for each one of us. We are all born into our biological family. Some of us have small families, while others have large, multi-generational family units. Other families are created through love, fellowship and friendship. When we go to Guatemala this year, we will be going to see our Family! The family we have built a relationship with over the past decade.

When you visit a family member after a long period of time, what emotions do you feel? Excitement, eagerness, and maybe a little nervousness…As we visit our Family this year, we will look forward to sharing our love and experiences with one another.

To our Family back home (also known as the Home Team), we appreciate the love, outreach, training, preparation, prayers, financial support, meals, and encouragement you have provided along the way. We know that through your fervent prayers this coming week, we will be covered in God’s grace as we fulfill His mission.

Emma F.

Some photos of our last training are below:

IMG_9308IMG_9299IMG_9283IMG_9168 IMG_9165 IMG_9208 IMG_9210 IMG_9276 IMG_9272 IMG_9271 IMG_9269 IMG_9230 IMG_9213 IMG_9198 IMG_9191 IMG_9180 IMG_9178

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  1. We are praying for your safe travel and for a beautiful and meaningful mission for you all. We know you will touch the lives of many. God Bless!

    Oramos por un buen viaje y por una mision bella y significante para todos. Sabemos que tocaran las vidas de muchos. Dios los bendiga!

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