Finding Family


Honestly, I did not want to go to Guatemala. This is because as my extended family drove off, I realized I would not be able to attend our annual family gathering. It was extremely upsetting. I wasn’t going to see my cousins from California for another year, be able to dance for my grandparents, share inside jokes, and, most importantly, be part of unforgettable memories. Why was I leaving my family for a group of people I only knew on the surface?

Later, while talking to my parents about the exclusion I felt, the reasons why I wanted to go on the mission trip began to flood in. I was going to a different country! I would be doing God’s work! Maybe, if I’m lucky enough, I’ll even make an impact on someone’s life! My previous regrets had vanished. Thus, as the possibilities, grew, so did my excitement.

Now, at the end of our first day in Guatemala, I must say that God is good. From the moment my parents dropped me off at the airport, I encountered the welcoming smiles and open arms of my fellow missionaries. Additionally, throughout the journey to get to the hotel, I was blessed with the opportunity to get to know a few of the missionaries on a deeper level. Not only that, I ate my first hot, homemade Guatemalan dinner with everyone.

Therefore, through sharing the quiet moments of prayer and worship to the chaotic streets, I have come to realize I did not leave my family, but I made it bigger.

Lan Nguyen

IMG_4960 IMG_4982 IMG_5026

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  1. Thank you Lan for your dedication and commitment to serve God’s people. As always, we are very proud of you. Love, Thày

  2. I hope and pray you all are safe today, stronger than ever being revitalized through the power of the Holy Spirit, as you pray and minister to the people there. How amazing to be touching the lives of so many people and children and to also find yourselves changed in the midst of it all. How precious is the family of God as they serve together in this world. Thank you for all you are doing! It looks amazing and I can’t wait to hear all about it Emma! Love you!

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