How He Loves



In just the second day here in Guatemala, I have learned more about God’s love for his children than I have in many of my years in Houston. I am overwhelmed with joy, peace, and love by encountering God’s people throughout the schools, churches, and streets. My struggles and worries back home seem insignificant in comparison to the life of many here in Guatemala. Life here is unparalleled.

There have been several moments where God has touched my heart and given me comfort, but I want to share one in particular. On Sunday, we held a young adult retreat here in Quiche and I was a small group leader of about ten kids. After one of the missionaries’ testimonies we had a chance to reflect and share our own experience about the theme that was given. A young girl humbly opened her heart to the group and shared her life, the struggles of her family, and even gave details about personal battles she deals with. I was in awe of her passion. When she spoke I could sense her speaking from a place of sincerity and genuine love for God. I later found out she is a catechist in the local parish and helps share the faith with her community. How inspiring she is to me, that only at the age of 14, her faith and actions spoke to me and caused me to reflect if I share the same passion within my own community.

I know the Lord has given me this opportunity to be here at the mission for a reason, and I believe it could be to experience just how much He loves us all in our own way.


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  1. God bless you, Jacob.

    And God love all of you, missionaries. My prayers and love are with you from Querétaro, México.


    • Many blessings for each of you missionaries, and thank you for bringing the Gospel of Joy and Life to my fellow Guatemalans.

      Jose A.

  2. God’s Motive is Love

    Through the prophets, Israel discovered that love was God’s only motive in revealing himself (Isa 43: 1-7, Hos 2). God’s love is as a father’s love. His love is stronger than a mother’s love for her children or a bridegroom’s love for the bride. Even when the world sinned, “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son” (Jn 3:16).

    God’s love is “everlasting” and will never be removed (Isa 54:8). “I have continued my faithfulness to you”(Jer 31:3). John reveals God’s innermost secret, “God is love” (1 Jn 4:8). His inner being is an eternal exchange of love between Father, Son and Spirit.


    You’ve got it, Jacob! I’m so happy for you!!!!! Guatemala = LOVE! And, more! I cannot wait to hear about all of your experiences at the Potluck on the 25th! Go, Jacob, Go Jacob, Go Jacob!!! HE loves YOU!!!!! : ) XO, Susana

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