Casa Hogar


Casa Hogar

Today was my last day in Quiche and my first day in Antigua. During the last day in Quiche, we visited La Casa Hogar. There were many special moments during the time I was there. We did songs and danced with the elderly, all of the elderly were very excited to just be with us and celebrate the day with us. Everyone on the mission was attached to a special person while they were there.

My person was Daniel, which is ironic because my middle name is Daniel. I felt a deep connection with him, because of his name and how he acted towards me. When I first walked up to Daniel, he raised up his head, looked at me and smiled, then gave me a warm hug. During the visit we talked and sang songs throughout the visit.

After all of that we had a healing mass, and I took Daniel with me to the church. There were many times throughout the whole mass my arm never left Daniel’s shoulder, and when it did it was when it was time to pray. Even then he didn’t want me to leave my arm from him, so I put my hands around his and we prayed together. I’ll never forget how hard he struggled to keep his hands in prayer due to his ability.

When the mass was over and it was time for us to head out, I was saying goodbye to all the elderly and saving Daniel for last. When it was time to say bye to him I gave him a warm hug, as he did for me when I first saw him. I remember he kept his head down in sorrow because we had to leave, but when I lifted up his head I saw a heavy tear run down his face, as one on me. I will always remember Daniel close to me and close to my heart. This trip is one to remember. I will never forget the moments that I felt in La Casa Hogar.


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