Lemoa Central

This was my third visit to Lemoa and certainly the best.
The teachers stayed interested and engaged in our music and skit presentations. It was a night and day difference from our first visit.  The children were delightful and enthusiastic, and also stayed engaged throughout the activities. It is sometimes difficult to keep the attention of the older children, but that was not a problem today.
I was assigned to the first grade for arts and crafts. Since I speak only a little Spanish I usually would have a Spanish-speaking missionary with me. However due to the large size of the first grade I was by myself almost the entire period. It turned out to be the best experience I have had in a classroom on mission. The teacher was very helpful and I know enough Spanish we were able to communicate adequately. She even taught me a couple of words in Quiche. The children again were wonderful, well behaved, and completed all the crafts before the period was over. The teacher then asked for a group picture which Nelly obliged.
After school was dismissed we had time to play with some of the children outside the church. Jump rope, soccer, and frisbee were going on at the same time. Later, Mass was held and again was wonderful. The faith of the people is truly awe inspiring, as is the way they carry themselves under the most adverse conditions at times. It is a privilege and an honor to be able to share and spend time with them. Again, recounting the day, the difference in how we were received at the school versus our first visit (in 2013) was so much better, and I think is a result of the planning and hard work of the whole mission team the past two years.
IMG_5636 IMG_6083 IMG_5829

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