Today at Pacaja we started our day with a very warm welcome from the children and the teachers. It was very special because they decorated the place with flowers and a carpet of pine needles. Seeing all the children filled with joy and so eager to start the activities with us filled our hearts with love for them.

CAROL: It was a beautiful day! People were so loving and welcoming.

During adult formation, people were so excited to learn more about the faith. We provided paper and pencils, and all the adults were taking notes about the bible verses that were being shared during the presentations. Also, we had many children who came to church to learn about the faith; we shared bible stories, the works of mercy coloring pages, and they were happy to know we were there for them.

PATRICK: The highlight of the day for me was the strong relationship of parents and their children. Also, the sacrifice they make to drive to the church and the amount of love I saw is something I have never seen before.

SYLVIA: this one of the greatest moments of my life. This experience puts my life into perspective. With all I saw today, I was able to experience all feelings at the same time joy, happiness, and sadness.

REBECCA: I was moved by the home visit. I was really touched by taking communion to the sick. It was a very nice moment to be able to take Christ joyfully to those who are unable to receive him frequently.

The home visits made us feel varied emotions all together of sadness and joy. This was a beautiful experience as we were able to visit the sick, take communion to those who are unable to attend mass, and share hope and love with those who need it the most. The home visits were special because they allowed us to experience something similar to the disciples as they were walking the difficult paths with Jesus but yet were full of joy for sharing the word of God.


With love,


Team Mercy

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Team mercy has so many people praying for them. May God continue to guide each and every one of you.

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