Casa Hogar


Today we visited the Casa Hogar. This was a beautiful moment because we were glad to see the elderly and share different activities with them. We sang and danced many songs with them and were able to see smiles and tears of happiness. After all these activities, we were able to share mass with them. This mass was a wonderful experience because the elderly received the anointment of the sick. This was a very emotional moment as we could see the peace they gained by receiving the sacrament. Also, during mass, each of us prayed for both Father Alfonso and Deacon Pedro and for their dedication and service to God and the community.

JOEL:  today was a great reminder of a responsibility to our brothers, knowing that there are other people out there who need our help. The mass was moving as well because we were able to see people participate in the anointing of the sick.

PILAR: our visit to the elderly was very special because one of the ladies remembered me from last year and she asked me to dance. I feel very blessed that I was able to share God’s mercy with these people.

The highlight of our day was that we learned the true meaning of mercy with the elderly.  We were happy to serve these people and  to share their little piece of heaven.

After we visited the Casa Hogar, we went to the Cathedral and there we walked through the Holy Doors in order to receive the plenary indulgence. Then we rode our bus to Antigua. We have safely arrived to Antigua and are excited about our visit to the Hospital tomorrow.


With love,

Team Mercy

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