Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro


Today we went to Obras Sociales, a home/hospital for adults and children with special needs. The veteran missionaries prepared the newbies for what they would see as it was a difficult visit. The home had nearly 300 residents. They were divided up into different categories – “abuelas” or the older women, “señoritas” or the younger women, babies in a nursery, and a ‘school’ where a lot of the kids were.

Most of the residents had severe special needs and they ranged in their abilities. Some could talk but not walk, some could understand but not talk, others could walk and understand but were blind, etc. Everyone was very happy to see us and danced and sang along with us. They were sad to see us go. One women broke down in tears and wouldn’t let us go. It was an incredibly emotional experience.

Afterwards, we had a free afternoon, divided up into groups and explored Antigua. Later that evening we had a special dinner and ended the night with a time of prayer and sharing.

Tomorrow we head back to Houston. Please pray for safe travels. It is bittersweet – we’re sad to be leaving Guatemala but happy to be going home. See you soon!

With Love,

Team Mercy



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  1. Hope you got to meet Wendy at Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro. She is a joyful young woman.
    I can’t wait to hear all the comments when you get back. I’m so happy you are experiencing a wonderful God filled Mission.
    See you soon!

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