Faith Arrives


Hi everyone! We arrived safely! We left the airport around 12:30PM, and we were on the road until 7:30PM. We hit traffic three times along the route. We were literally at a stand still on the curvas peligrosas (dangerous curves), maybe 30 minutes outside of Quiche (we actually passed Lemoa Central – an aldea past mission teams visited a few years ago). THREE 18 wheelers appeared to be broken leading up to a very narrow bridge and at a curve. You must understand the roads as they are are very narrow and this caused HUGE traffic problems for us. People around us were becoming impatient and chose to get out of the public transportation vehicles and were walking up and down the sometimes steep inclines. There was nothing around us but cliffs and trees, so we’re not even sure where these people were going. Some of us also noticed that drivers appeared to be unconcerned with the traffic jams, and were somewhat reckless in there attempts to get to their destinations! And the motorcyclists just kept zipping in, out and around the larger vehicles. Needless to say, some of us were getting a little frustrated with their ability to move and our inability to move an inch.

Many of us are first-timers and we did not know what to expect or how to react to the “setbacks.” The veteran missionaries were reminded of our dear Deacon Chuck’s words, “expect the unexpected.” And the delays on the road were really unexpected. But in reality the traffic jams were a gift from God because we were able to bond, chat, laugh, and pray. We are enjoying our time thus far, have patiently accepted todays trials and are ready for God’s will to be done this week. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and thank you to our Saturday Adorers.



Hasta Luego,

Team Faith

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  1. We are glad that y’all made it safely and will continue to pray for the mission! We look forward to the daily updates as each new day is a marvelous blessing in Guatemala!

  2. Hola!!!
    Buenos Días.
    Como amanecieron!
    Los Quiero,y que el Espíritu Santo derrame sobre ustedes y ese gran equipo,sus dones y virtudes,una gran obra “disfruten la”
    Mis Bendiciones por siempre…

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