Sagrado Corazon de Jesus


Today we visited the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Santa Cruz del Quiche. Upon our arrival we were greeted by the new priest, Father Hector, the kind people of Quiche & fireworks. Mass was beautiful! It was an amazing experience getting to worship God all in one place with completely different people, it really makes you think about the wonders of our God, like how God placed all of us under that one roof to share our love for him. And that we truly are the universal Church. During Mass Ana Laura &  Carol greeted the new Father with gifts from POP back in Houston. Everybody was extremely kind and loving. After Mass, we went into the community center to be welcomed again by the CCE students with traditional dances they prepared for us. They also came up one-by-one to give us a beautiful cross body bag. The dances, gifts & the flower pedals were just so amazing.

Throughout the day of our young adult retreat we sang, danced, and we had fun. Ages varied from 9-10 year olds to even some elderly. But, no matter the age, everybody enjoyed it and had a wonderful time. We were separated into small groups, this gave us an opportunity to really communicate with them on a one-by-one basis. Their smiles just made our day, they were so genuine, innocent, and full of Faith. We all left today in peace and joy. Getting to serve the Lord with those young adults was priceless.

Our mission team each had different wonderful experiences on day 1, how exciting is that!

Ivonne said, “Today was just extremely touching, I walked into the church terrified, I’ve never really been fond of kids, so when I saw a lot of them I was like oh no how am I going to do this? But as they danced and showered us with flower pedals, I saw it in their eyes, their beautiful, kind & enlightening souls. Seeing them so happy made me almost cry. I enjoyed today a lot, I was unexplainably at peace and happy. I left the church loving those kids. I can say day 1 has already had a huge impact on my point of view and can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds for us, it’s all God’s plan.”

Gabby, “I definitely felt God present when I received a hug from the humble girl offering a gift. The dances the kids put on for us were so unique and beautiful.”

Kevin, “This was definitely one of the greatest experiences I’ve encountered, much different from other retreats I’ve been on. These people were so rich in their faith. And it was amazing to witness how close they are to God, despite their living circumstances.”

Hasta Luego!

Team Family


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  1. I am thankful your first day was such as blessing to our sister parish, and to the mission team! Remember to be open to God using you as He sees fit, and pay attention to all of the gifts, lessons, and messages He gives you along the way. Love you all and miss you!!!

  2. Qué Dios los acompañe y los cuide en su misión en Guatemala. Gracias a cada uno por su participación. Reciban muchas bendiciones de Dios.

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