Love and Humility


Hello all! Today we got to go the first of three aldeas that are scheduled for the week. A day full of love and humble experiences.

Ana Fatima is a returning missionary, and she was extremely blessed to return to the aldea, San Jose Pacho, today. She enjoyed every minute of the day from the start to end and seeing the welcoming smiles and hearts of the children. Ana Fatima enjoyed singing to them and seeing how everyone experienced joy from her playing her guitar, singing and praising God together. The beautiful experience of sharing her talents with others. She worked with a group of 40 pre-k children and it reminded her of her little brother. Getting to share time with them and seeing their innocence and to “take care” of them for a bit.

The humble community provided lunch and Ana Fatima enjoyed the meal because it was made with humility and love. They did not think twice about providing lunch and sharing what they could with us. These people really are really willing to give you everything they have without any doubt.

Ana Fatima was able to converse with Diego, a young adult seminarian, who she met last year. She was able to learn about his current struggles. He told her he had to take a year off of seminary school because of health problems. However, hearing his conviction on becoming a priest was beautiful to see God’s plan for one and inspired her to grow more in her faith and pray more about her vocation.

Celebrating Mass with the community and Father Hector was a wonderful experience and Ana Fatima loved seeing everyone participate and receive communion as the family of God that we are. After Mass, the community had a surprise for us, a beautiful presentation and she enjoyed it.

We also did home visits. The home that Ana Fatima visited was super special to her. She was able to pray over an elderly woman, Maria. She felt like a true disciple of God. Doing what He asking us to do for His people, to show His love to others, especially to those who need it most. Ana Fatima saw this as a gift from God, just being to able to experience His mercy and love.

Overall, Ana Fatima felt an overwhelming sense of love from God throughout the whole  day and from the missionaries. She is extremely grateful to be back for the second time and she is looking forward as the rest of us to what God has in store for us this week. Letting God work through her even when she is missing her family and knowing God is protecting them and waiting for the day to return home to share her love that she has received thus far.

Hasta luego,

Team Love

P.S. We apologize for the delayed post, we were having technical difficulties.

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  1. Hola a todos los Misioneros de Principe de Paz, muchas bendiciones y nuestras Oraciones desde Huimilpan, Queretaro, Mexico… Gracias a Dios Padre y Mamita Maria por permitirles llegar a Guatemala un año mas, entreguen todo ese Amor que guarda su corazon a todas las personitas humildes y sencillas que viven alla, porque es Dios Padre quien los Ama atraves de uds…Gracias por compartir fotos y sus actividades que realizan, un abrazo fraterno a todos en especial a mi niña, mi hija Faty…Ana Fatima Duran.

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