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Family & Hope (Thursday, July 13th)


We got to visit the eldery in Casa Hogar para Ancianos (Home for the Eldery). At first this visit did not seem to be very emotional to me. However, I met Daniel, a resident of Casa Hogar, who reminded me so much of my late maternal grandfather. He was wearing a beany like my grandfather would and I became emotional remembering my grandfather and his antics. I tried my best to maintain my composure, however, that did not happen as I was saying my goodbyes. His unability to communicate well and in a wheelchair reminded me how much we underappreicate our youth, health, and at times our own elders in our families. I remembered my grandmother (currently unable to move freely as she would like) back home and how often I take her for granted. Today God reminded me how short life is and how we should be grateful for the family we still have today. I became hopeful to spend more time with my grandmother and to share my mission experience with her. This year’s theme (Family: Faith, Hope, Love) became more vivid during the visit while visiting with the elderly.

Hasta Luego,

Team Family in Faith, Hope & Love